The Operating System returned the error(131);

I got an error while running the GL Entry report .


An attempt was made to move the file pointer before the begining of the file.

What should i do, in order to run the report?

Any suggestions?



  • Hi Renjith,

       Debug and tell me where exactly the error occurs.

  • Hi Renjith,

    does this report export any file? Then I'd say the file gets too big, try to reduce the number of g/l entries in the report by setting filters (for example don't export all g/l entries but only those for one year etc.).




  • In reply to Jan Vorauer:

    Any other solution is there? Do u know how to increase temporary file size?



  • In reply to Renjith:

    Hi Renjith ,

     Can you show me the code where you got error.

  • In reply to Karthik.D:

    Please show the code where you got error or screen shot of errorSmile

  • In reply to Raghubir:

    CAUSE: This problem occurs because Microsoft Dynamics NAV cannot handle temporary files that exceed 2 GB when the report or the dataport inserts data into a temporary table.

    Please follow the link for more details



    Mrinal Singha

  • hi Renjith,

    if your question is answered, please give back a short feedback and verify the answer(s), which helped you.