WPC Diary: Microsoft Dynamics NAV, The Road to Success: Part 2


Jan Silleman started off with an introduction, where the most interesting thing was the screensaver Indifferent.  Now, hold on … it IS interesting.  The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Screensaver is a very nice tool to stay informed with the latest Dynamics NAV News.  Now there is a new version (v2) with a few new features:

  • Customer ready news
  • Add feeds to the screensaver
  • Customer pictures


Now, the session really kicked off with Eva (forgot her last name) with "Expand reach with New Business Opportunities".  This topic handled about the new program "Certified for Microsoft Dynamics".  A few bullet points on what this is:

  • It is a program that sets a new high standard for partner developed software solutions, helps partners to differentiate and market their solutions.
  • For Customers
    • A rich portfolio of tested software solutions, backed by customer references ready to run in business critical environments
  • For partners
    • A way to easily sell the solutions (you get some benefits).
  • There are some benefits and requirements:
    • Benefits:
      • "Certified for Microsoft Dynamics" Logo
      • Partner solution finder search findings prioritization
      • Channel Building activities prioritization
      • Early adopter programs prioritization
    • Requirements:
      • Pass the Test
      • Ten customer references
      • Software Solution profiled in Solution Profiler
      • Partner Service Plan
      • Gold Certified Partner
  • There are already 6 partners who have a certified add-on (and i'll do what I can to make our product "Certified for Microsoft Dynamics" as well).

So, If you have a solution, with quite a few customers … get certified!


The "marketing fluff" (sorry for my sarcasm) continued with Carsten Wulff with his part 'How to successfully build a channel'.  An LS Retail guy who shares his experiences (and do a little bit of marketing for himself).  I tried to pick some interesting points on his presentations … but I failed.


But next part should be a very interesting session: "Software as a service" by Julio De Villasante Guzman.

As we all know, it is a market that is growing very fast.  Lots and lots of bla bla (I even started answering my mail during the session).  Sorry, guys, I know this isn't interesting for you .. But it wasn't for me either Wink.



After a bunch af other marketing fluff and Q&A with Mogens Elsberg, we got a demo of 5.1 by Darren Laybourn.  He went very fast.  It was hard to keep up.  These are a number of things he showed:

  • Reports with Reporting Services
  • On top: the "Action Pane":
    • The frequently used tasks can be put on the action pane.
    • You can customize the action pane (any user).
    • Fast tabs:
      • You can put relevant info on the fast tab
  • Things you can customize:
    • Action pane
      • Big/small icons
      • Arrange the links
    • Navigation pane
    • "My Customers" / "My Items" / …
    • Freeze column on a list page
    • Customize the fact boxes as well: not showing some lines in it
  • Developer experiences:
    • New object, called "page".
      • There is a form transormation tool that is going to transform your forms into pages
  • Sharepoint portal:
    • THIS is nice!  What they did: they built a Dynamics NAV web part.  A webpart that is going to interprete the metadata.  Nice stuff!
  • Webservices (by Kris Rafnsson)
    • Probably you already read about this, and how wonderful this is, but I'm going to repeat it again: this is wonderful.
    • Building a webservice is only creating a record in the Web Services table (NAV is about simplicity … Smile ).  He created a webservice (1 minute), then opened up Visual Studio and created a small application.  In no time (and 2 lines of code), he had a windows form application that showed all sales orders… .
    • Another application he showed was a webapp, where he fills in the customers name, and inserts the record … after, het gets te record again, and you could see it created a customer No, a search name, … it executed the business logic Smile.

Indeed, he didn't show the 3D Graphical tool on NAV anymore ... .  I wonder why... .


Time for more "marketing fluff":

Mogens Elsberg announced the new NAV based product: Microsoft Dymanics Enterpreneur Solution, with these properties:

  • It is built on NAV
  • Out-of-the box light ERP functionality
  • Wizard driven setup
  • Limited customization
  • Value-added distributor channel
  • Up to 5 users - 795 EUR per concurrent user
  • Certified add-on solutions
  • Services provider licensing aggreement

Global Phased roll-out

  • The Netherlands, Germany, Spain and United Kingdom

Now, Guys, THIS is going to be nice.  This is the thing where many dealers have been waiting on.  All small customers (up to 5 users) are going to have a nice out-of-the box NAV based solution.  I hope this will kick off real soon. 



No, finally, time to sit on ice...

Comment List
  • Hey, Gaspode.

    I don't know when the screensaver will be launched ... they just said that it's comming.

    For the sharepoint client: it will work for all Page objects...   The page object is going to give meta data to the dynamics client.  They built a web part that is also reading this meta data to display on sharepoint.  As simple as that!

  • Hey Waldo, did they say when the new screen saver was going to be launched?

    Does the sharepoint portal webpart work with all NAV objects "as is" or do you need to build objects like with the current Employee Portal?

    Interesting stuff. Thanks!