WPC Diary: Microsoft Dynamics NAV, The Road to Success: Part 1

My first day on the World Partner Conference (WPC).

The day before yesterday, I landed at about 6pm in Denver … having travelled.  It's about 8 hours earlier in Denver, so I'm enjoying a wonderful but killig jet lag still two days later Sad.


Today (Monday), it a "pre-conference" day, with a dedicated track for Dynamics NAV.  I don't know what to expect yet (writing this blog 'live' in the session), but I'm sure it's going to be interesting.


This is a session for partners, for CEO's and such people, so I don't expect to get Technical info … .  And I was right.  The session started of with saying how wonderful partners have been selling NAV, with stating that this was another record breaking year for NAV:

  • Highest revenu
  • Highest winning customers

They stated that they got feedback from partners, and that they are taking these areas into account:

  • Upgradability
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Documentation
    • New content and tools between major releases
    • Localized features into the core documents
    • Easier for partners to customize
    • Focus on business processes


Furthermore, they announced that a new demo VPC has been released on partnersource.  All demo's during this event will be done on this VPC.  This is very good news for selling partners, in my opinion.  What's on it?

  • Document approval with email notification
  • Office integration
  • Outlook integration
  • Online maps
  • Business analytics
  • Emplyee portal
  • Reporting services reports

The available demo scripts are:

  • What's new
  • Setup, using and customizing the outlook intagration
  • Item tracing
  • Office xml integration and record links
  • Sales and purchase document approval
  • Business analytics
  • Prepayments and GL imrpovements
  • Jobs
  • Service order handling
  • Office integration


Demo Time:  Jesper Lachance Raebild and Michael Rosenorn are using the new VPC and showed us a number of things:

  • How to get a pricelist to word with the new office integration in NAV
  • The "moving" links:
    • When you create a quote, attach a record link … transform it to order … the link exists on the order.
  • Document Approvals
  • Outlook Integration: Mapping any field of any table to outlook
  • Item tracing
  • The jobs was presented by Selena Breann Jenssen
    • The new copy job functionality
    • Budgeting structure completely redesigned:
      • You can now handle fixed price projects.
    • Foreign currencies
    • Job-sales invoice can be issued from contract lines
    • Job specific pricing
    • 5 different methods of WIP
      • Why 5: this was based on the feedback they got from the partners.
  • Export to Word/Excel.  At this time, they announced the new Style Sheet tool, which was developed with these focus areas:
    • Simplicity
    • Visual
    • Familiar environment
    • Configurable - no code

Michael also showed how to use the Stylesheet tool … .  I was playing with this on the plane, so that was a needless effort, because you can't imagine how easy it is to use.  A 10 minute demo is enough to know how it works, and to know what possibilities there are for business.  Big applause to Microsoft


This was a 2 hour session, so finally … a break.


 They continued with a session called "The value of upgrading".  Now, I was concerned that it was going to ba a Celenia-show again (like on Convergence EMEA and Convergence San Diego) … and I was right.  Again they were talking about Upgrade Centers (of which the concept is quite good), but again Microsoft was promoting Celenia, and a succesful Belgian partner Helios-IT.   Now, I have nothing against these two partners, but please, Microsoft, give the opportunity to other Upgrade Centers (and partners) as well … .  This is free advertising, and everybody should get that chance.  For your knowledge .. I will look for people of Liberty Grove during this event Wink.


Why upgrade?

Well, we can all answer that question: Legal customisations, new functionality, Technology, add-on's, … .  But one slice in this pie is "Uncustomize customizations".   This is difficult, as we all know … and don't expect from the upgrade centers that they take this into account.  Celenia didn't know how to answer this on Convergence EMEA (last year), but now, they said they also take this into their services.  Pro-actively, they will "warn" the partner that some customizations are replaced with standard functionality.


Next an highlight of the Sure step Methodology.

This tool is available for any partner with a PABS plan.  It is a methodology to succesfully complete NAV implementation.  This methodology is based on the experiences and workflows of hundreds of partners.

Demo time:

The IT editor, is a tool that shows you the methodology in a diagram way, and lets you adapt the workflow to your way of work.  Not really my area of expertese, but I only hear positive comment on this tool and methodology.  It's worth to try it out!


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