Windows Phone App PPTX

Last Thursday, I did a session about an Windows Phone App for the Belgian Dynamics Community .. as you might have expected after my last blog. I'm not going to write extensively about it .. just point you in the direction of the contents of the slides (because some people asked about it).

Is waldo getting lazy?

Probably I am .. but let's not get into that and try to convince you of the following.

The example I showed was not mine, it was something Freddy had put together and it's also Freddy who is going to blog about it (very soon? :-) ). When I was preparing for this session, I was in close contact with Freddy (obviously .. ) .. and knowing that he was going to blog about it, I gave him some extra "thinkabouts" to help him out. So in a way .. I did do my (small) part ;-).

It's going to be a huge blogpost (probably with multiple parts) .. but it's going to be worth it! Be sure to look out for it!

You can also download the PPTX here.

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