Waldo on holiday ...

Finally .. the moment I've been looking forward to for a long time. This Sunday, Easter Day, I'm leaving for a three-week vacation to the USA West Coast. I will be visiting a lot of places with my camper. And it's going to be great (I'm going to make sure of that). It's my first real (long) holiday in ten years (since I've started working) .. and I can use it, I must say ... .


If you were thinking: "FINALLY not being disturbed by Waldo's stupid blogs..." .. then I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you. I have written a few blogs and published them week after week ... so sorry to disappoint you for that matter... Smile.

After my holiday I'll make a stop in Atlanta for Convergence USA. I'm looking forward to that, I must say. I will be preparing some session for the upcoming weeks, as I will be speaking in a local Belgian High School (since TechDays I made it my personal goal to attract fresh developers to the NAV channel .. I even convinced Microsoft Belgium to participate Smile) and Directions EMEA .. which I will be hosting together with my hero Freddy Kristiansen Smile.

So, see you all soon ... I'm off to the States!


ps, I just received the message that my "MVP-status" was renewed .. so that's an excellent start for my Holiday.  Another 365 MVP-days to go :-).  I actually didn't know what to expect ... , as I'm not that active anymore on Mibuso, but more on Belgian Dynamics Community, blogs and sessions all over te place ... but it's a nice recognition, for which I would like to thank Microsoft for... .  I will keep up the work as I have been doing the past year ... you can be sure of that.

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