There is a new book in town: Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

I realize this is not really "brand new information", and probably you all already know about this, but still, there is a good reason why I wanted to bring this to your attention (again?).

There is a new book in town, which is now actually published and ready to sell (just got the information from Packt today). It is called "Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009".

I had the opportunity to be one of the reviewers (more exactly a technical reviewer) of this book. A very time-consuming job, but really worthwhile - although, I wonder if they really took my comments seriously (I'll have to wait for that until I receive the final copy Smile).

Reviewing the book also gives a pretty good idea what is in it, doesn't it? Well, my opinion is positive … let me make that very clear. I'm a developer, not an implementer, so in some way, may be, that was a good thing. The technical things were not really new to me, so I could review that for its contents. On the other hand, the implementing-side (which is the main part of the book), was more tough for me to review on the contents, but it definitely gave me a feeling in the way it is written (on explanatory level). Well: on both sides, Vjeko and David did a very good job! Therefore, I really would like to recommend this book to all implementers among us! Developers? Not really … they are not the people who this book is targeted to. My favorite chapter was the one about the Role Tailored User Experience. It gave me a really good idea what it's all about, and how implementers will have to (or can) deal with this.

May be you know Vjekoslav Babic (Navigate Into Success) and David Roys (Gaspode's Brain Dump) from their blog? If not: shame on you!Wink If you read my blog (and apparently you do), and suppose (suppose…) you value it for some reason … you will definitely find their blog worthwhile. You'll find out that they really … can write.

Good blogs, good book … good job!

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  • Hi Waldo, I'm pleased you've received your copy of the book. I'm still waiting for mine - I guess that's what you get for being on the other side of the world!

    I can tell you that, for my chapters, I took action on every single one of your comments - you made a significant contribution to this book and I can recomend you as an excellent technical reviewer. But I still didn't write that chapter on upgrading you wanted so much :-)

  • Yep, I received it yesterday, thanks!

    I'm curious which of my comments are included in the book ;-)

  • Hi Waldo,

    Thanks for kind words, I really appreciate it! And thanks for giving such a good reference to both my and Dave's blogs! Have you got your copy of the book already?