The Belgian Dynamics Community

Since a few months now, we have been working on a new initiative in Belgium: the Belgian Dynamics Community.

Now, who is "we", and why would we need another "community" while there is mibuso, dynamicsuser, numerous blogs (sustained engineering, waldo Smile, Team Blog, ....), ... .


We are called the "board members", but I would just like to call it "the people who started off" Wink. Here is an overview:

Patrick Dalle

Former marketing manager at Navision Belgium
10 years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics
Managing director of Lemarco

Kurt Juvyns

12 years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft employee 

Ludo Van den Ende

Former product manager at Navision Belgium
12 years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics
Helios-IT employee 

Luc Van Dyck

Founder and administrator of the online community Mibuso
11 years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics
GMI Group employee 

Eric Wauters

Administrator of
7 years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics
Partner at iFacto Business Solutions 

Rodrigue Dion

Project leader of MATEXI
8 years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics
Working for end customer

As you can see, all very experience people ... In fact, I've got less experience than any one of them Indifferent. Hm ... I should think this over ... Wink. (And the word you're looking for is ...) ... ANYWAY ... These are not only experienced people, but also one by one "community animals". And that's only positive for what we're trying to do, isn't it? So...

Why another community?

Very simple. We're not trying to compete with other online communities. In fact, we're trying to make a difference with the other communities:

  • We're trying to reach not only technical people, but also more functional consultants and end users;
  • The online community is actually a small part af the initiative: we will organise evenings for information sharing, networking, ... as well;
  • Futhermore we'll try to bring microsoft closer to the end user and vica versa, by organising round tables and such;
  • ...

That's all Smile.

To conclude, I would like to take this opportunity to announce our first event :the Belgian Dynamics Community Launch event on the 24th of April 2008.

The agenda on this event is not completely final but we can already announce that the Microsoft Dynamics NAV development team from Denmark decided not to miss this unique opportunity.

They confirmed to be present and show us upcoming technology in some sneak preview from the Microsoft Dynamics product family.

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