The 2010 VAT Update: License update required!

This week, there were many confusions about the VAT 2010 issue ... apparently people forgot to update the license of the customers. This license update is needed because of the fact new objects were created ... so a new range had to be supported. Quite logical, but not a cat thought of it (as they say in Belgium).

You can imagine, upgrading all licenses of your customers might take a while .. especially when you know the EOC online app, and the flow to request the updates. Luckily, Microsoft is helping us out for this. All customers with an active BREP will be updated by them without request ... you'll just have to manually download them.

Here is the official story:

As was written in the release notes of the VAT 2010 Report Pack for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (yeah yeah .. we don't read those, guys ... get real Wink), a License update is required for every customer that needs the VAT 2010 update. In order to save some time, EOC will automatically update all the Microsoft Dynamics NAV licenses under active BREP for Belgian partners. Customers who do not have an active BREP will not be able to receive the update.

At the latest on Tuesday next week, this update will have been done by EOC. You will receive an email from EOC with the list of all customers where the licenses will have been updated When a customer is missing, you, as a partner will have to do a CLT request for every customer that is missing. The updated license key will be at your disposal in Commerce as soon as the update has been done.

As you can read, this is the case for Belgium. I don't know if other countries are treated the same way... . If you don't know .. here's a good reason to check with your local Microsoft office (no, not the software... Wink).

So, I guess this is why customers need to pay for maintenance?

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