Techdays Sweden 2010: Preparation day

Yesterday when I arrived at my room, I was instantly confronted with "Swedish Logic":

Luckily my room number is 433 (.. so now all the nice-looking-Swedish-girls-out-there know ;°) ).

After a good night's sleep, we started finishing our presentation. Actually, we decided not to work with a Virtual PC and install my laptop with the necessary demo's ... so that's about what I've been doing today. Downloading about 3 versions of Visual Studio (and installing all fo them), getting the demo's to work ... .

Afterwards, we attended a session about WCF ... and I can tell you one thing. It's good to have a session about "simplicity". That way, you're covered, you know. "Hey, that was simple!". Sure, that's NAV! (while there is just a huge amount of stuff you just don't understand..). Really, we know that the service tier is based on WCF. I attended the session to "know more about it". I do now, that's for sure, but I must say ... there is still a lot to be learned and know.

We're off for a beer and an early night for the big day tomorrow.

Don't forget: Mark is blogging about this conference as well.  Let's cross-link the hell out of it:

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