Techdays Sweden 2010: 3-people showup

Like you can deviate from the title ... the session was not really the most popular session from the event Sad. 1700 people .. you literally had to walk over people here to get somewhere ... so busy conference ... and then .. only 3 persons in our room (with 6 concurrent sessions).

I had to start with the introduction. I asked two questions: who knows NAV: all three hands rising (oops). Second question: who is a developer: NO hands rising (oops 2). We had a session prepared for DEVELOPERS who DIDN'T know NAV (which you might expect on a TECHdays where NAV was never part of the schedule). So, about EVERYBODY else then those 3 people!!

You can imagine, it was completely "off my milk". It wasn't the most fluent introduction ever ... luckily Mark was there to back me up. He saved my day today Wink.

Next parts really went well, and after the session at least 33% from all attendees found it the best session of the entire event (indeed, one person came up to us saying it was a very useful session with real business value, and it was too bad with the showup).

So, what do we learn from this?

There is a LOT of work to do. Microsoft HAS to put more effort in getting Dynamics NAV to be known by this public. People just were not attending because they just didn't know what the heck NAV was?? How on earth are we going to attract new meat (I mean new developers, if you might wonder)?

We're off to Stockholm to have beer and steak and ... . We had fun, that's for sure!


waldo & Mark.

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