Support of 5.0 (SP1) ends this year in April!

Heads up!

As you can understand .. at some point, the support of versions of NAV will end. And I think we can be glad that Microsoft (Dynamics NAV team) doesn't completely "cut off" the version (like it usually happens with software).

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 - Mainstream Support Ends April 2012

This sounds terrible, but in fact, may be it isn't all THAT terrible. Let's be honest. We're in 2012. Latest version is NAV 2009. And even the version before that (5.0) is - at this moment - still fully supported! In my opinion, that's been even too long ;°).

In April, only the Mainstream Support will end. But what does that mean? Well, don't be mistaken. Don't think you have any kind of support of Microsoft .. besides the stuff that was already reported and fixed. So, what I think it means - in my words - how I understand it - (hope I made clear that these are only my words, and is not an official statement ;°) ) - is that after April 2012, for NAV 5.0, including SP1,

  • no bugs will be fixed anymore
  • Microsoft will not communicat with you anymore about any type of support

So what does remain?

Well, for customers who are current on a service plan can continue to access the following benefits through CustomerSource:

  • Previously released upgrads, updates, service packs, fixes and regulatory/tax updates!
  • Self-Help Support through Knowledge Base articles and online content
  • Unlimited Online Training
  • CustomerSource Community and Tools

And THAT's still very valuable, of course!

Don't say you didn't know! :-)

Comment List
  • In other words the 5 + 5 means:

    -During 5 years you get regular upgrades and support.

    - The other 5 years (extended) you can use what you got the 5 years before.