Stuff that will be discontinued for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

It's always important to be aware of what has and what doesn't have a future. It has been announced for quite some time now .. but today (it might have been a coincidence .. but I don't believe in that) I've had to point to two different items that will be discontinued. Therefore, I decided to share with you the list of changes that are coming for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Regarding functionality, and effective from 1 October 2012, the following will no longer be available for purchase.

  • Business analytics
    • 7020 Business Analytics Base Functionality
    • 7021 Business Analytics Advanced

    This can be explained by the introduction of JetReports Express, and the fact that NAV 2013 will include many new reporting and BI enhancements (through enhanced Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services dependency, charting enhancements and integration with Power Pivot for Microsoft Excel). And if that isn't enough, there is always the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace where you can find certified ISV solutions

  • Employee Portal (2450)

    As you know, NAV 2013 comes with its MS Dynamics NAV Portal framework for Microsoft Sharepoint.

  • Banking ((11210) Swedish country code)

    Once again, Microsoft refers to Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace for anyone who might need this.

  • Payments
    • 5001910 Electronic Payments (from German country code)
    • 5001920 Foreign Payment Systems (from German country code)

    Luckily "only" for German customers.. . And again, Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace for anyone who might need this.

  • Cost Accounting
    • 5000010 Cost Accounting Packet (from German country code)
    • 5000020 Basic Cost Accounting (from German country code)
    • 5000030 Cost Accounting Allocation (from German country code)
    • 5000040 Cost Accounting Budget (from German country code)
    • 5000050 Project Accounting Packet (Basic, Allocation, Budget) (from German country code)
    • 5000060 Basic Project Accounting (from German country code)
    • 5000070 Project Accounting Allocation (from German country code)
    • 5000080 Project Accounting Plan (from German country code)
    • 5000095 Cost Accounting Analysis (from German country code)

    Finally, NAV 2013 comes with Cost Accounting natively: for every country, not only Germany and some others. So no need for this being a country-specific solution anymore :-).

As this is being discontinued, Microsoft will no longer charge any BREP fees to these granules. And be aware: the granules will remain in the license (and here it comes) until the customers upgrades to Dynamics NAV 2013! Which means: Existing Customers upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 will no longer be able to use the above. So before upgrade: take that into account, and talk this over with your partner/customer.

And that's not all.. I'm afraid. When you want to implement NAV 2013, there are some extra (some of them quite obvious) things to keep into mind. Let's try to summarize:

  • Application Objects

    This is such an obvious one.. . As RTC is the only way to go, it's obvious that the classic stack is going to disappear, which means:

    • No Forms
      • Pages will be used. Regarding BREP fees: customers will get Pages for every Form in their license.
    • No Dataports
      • XMLPorts will be used. Regarding BREP fees: customers will get XMLPorts for every Dataport in their license.
  • CRM - Contact Search

    The contact search won't work in NAV2013, and is being replace by native search functionality of NAV 2013.

  • Production Schedule

    Another thing that won't be purchased anymore. For alternatives: Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace.

  • Other NAV stuff:
    • C/OCX (1750)

      As we all know, NAV has Client Extensibility and .Net Interop now. So, C/OCX can be replace by a whole bunch of new opportunities (and it even doesn't have to take long).

      It does mean that solutions might have to be redesigned!

    • C/FRONT(.NET) (1800)

      For reading and writing data, you should now use Dynamics NAV Web Services (my favorite :-)).

    • Application Server (1415)

      The NAS was part of the classic stack, so it was doomed to disappear as well. It was primarily used for interfacing: we've got Web Services for that now! For other jobs, there will be the "NAS on NAV Service Tier" role of the Dynamics NAV Server. So in fact: NAS is still there, but it will exist on the service tier, where it belongs! :-).

    • Business Notification (Worksheet) (7010 - 7011)

      I still don't know anyone who got this to work, really.. Including me :(. However, there are solutions out there: Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace.

    • C/ODBC (1700)

      I personally haven't used this in ages. So don't really mind this being discontinued. It will be replaced by: Web Services, Queries and the .Net framework (which can be used by .Net Interop).

    • Client Monitor (2000)

      Everybody wants an alternative for this (at least all developers), and Microsoft points us to the Marketplace as well .. but I'm a bit in doubt for this. I didn't do a proper search, but I bet I won't find a decent Client Monitor out there with the same possibilities it had within the classic client.

I hope this summarized information helps you in pointing your decisions in a good direction.

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