Statement of Directions for NAV '7' Updated!

There is a new only-19-page Statement of Direction published by Microsoft for Dynamics NAV '7'. This document exists (as Paul White states in the movie that is part of the download) for sharing with the customers .. and has been designed to make it readable as well .. . That's a big difference with the previous one .. which included much more details, but wasn't that "readable" (others call it "marketing-fluff").

I already blogged the first version of it, so see it as an update - or may be better: read that post if you want more details of some points ;°).

First of all, it states the release date, being: September/October of 2012.

What can we look out for in that version:

  • New cloud deployment options and capabilities
    • We all know that Microsoft is "all in" the cloud (whatever is - and whatever that means). Not only will we be able to put the database and servicetier in Azure .. We will also be getting a Web Client. And as all this is public now, this is a first screenshot - which still can be changed,of course:

    • On top of that, we'll get a SharePoint Client as well. How cool is that? Now self-service solutions can be deployed with data going directly to and from Microsoft Dynamics NAV (E.g. Time registration). Also here a screenshot:

  • Enhanced core functionality
    • On top of all the cloud stuff .. we get new application stuff! Finally! You see that Microsoft is really using the new technology that has become available: Client Extensibility, .Net Interop, ... . You can expect visualisations like these:


    • But also, on top of that, do not forget:
      • Simplifying VAT compliance and tax reporting
      • Kitting
      • Cost accounting
      • Cash flow forecasting
      • Reporting using OData services
      • ...
    • And of course everything (let's say "most of the things") I mentioned in the previous SOD.
  • Rapidstart for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    • That's new .. also for me. In fact, to be honest .. never heard of it! To use MS's words: Microsoft Dynamics ERP RapidStart Services significantly accelerate the configuration of NAV. With this product, you'll drive down the number of days you need to implement the product. Here's a screenshot:

    • For me, it's still a mistery, but now I know what I have to find out .. and you too ;-).
  • To end with, there sure are some enhancements you must remember:
    • Multiple display targets (sharepoint, web client, RTC) while the classic will be discontinued: no classic reports, no classic forms anymore.
    • 64 bit all the way! But know you can still install the RTC on a 32-bit edition of windows!
    • The native database will be dropped: only SQL Server will be supported.
    • Windows 8 and SQL Server 2012 will be supported by NAV'7'.

I have the feeling that the previous SOD was a lot more into detail .. and a lot is not described in this one. It's not me doing a crappy summary (or may be it's exactly that ;°) ), there just isn't so much "real" information.

The roadmap

The Roadmap is an important part of a SOD. Here he is:

It's remarkable they want to deliver a major upgrade each year. Already in 2013, we can expect NAV '8', with new business functionality, better deployment on both on premise and cloud, ... and more. I really wonder what happened to the roadmap that went until 2017 .. . Let's just say, they're doing a lot more in a shorter time ;°).

The SOD ends with a big fat disclaimer .. of course. You don't want to pinpoint yourself on something that is not released yet. Everything is subject to change, and you should read this post like that as well.. .

The SOD can be download here. I strongly suggest you do so!

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