Source Control in NAV - iFacto ReVision v1.2.3

I apologize for this piece of advertisement, I'm just too convinced that it can help you :-).

It took us a while .. mainly because it's soooo busy at iFacto that eats away a lot of ReVision development time .. but it's here (actually for a few weeks now already - and new builds still coming up ...) .. a new version of ReVision. As you probably noticed, I'm not blogging about every update that comes out, but this time I couldn't resist. I wanted to share a few cool things.. .

Probably Microsoft isn't aware of this, but NAV 7 pointed us in some directions that is very positive for the long run for our product, but also made us change the deep down framework quite heavily .. . To be short, NAV 7 is much "opener" (may be because it's a beta, or may be because it just more related to .Net then ever...) then NAV 6 and older .. . Because of this, connecting and debugging ReVision on NAV 7 just gave us much more insight on how we should connect to it, and work with it .. and that made us change some stuff deep down the core, which didn't only make ReVision much more stable, but also made it completely ready for NAV 7. And yes, I admit, we already have plans for 8 - being completely developed outside of NAV has its advantages :-).

Compare objects with last checked in Version

The compare has already been in it quite some time: compare DEV objects with TEST objects .. Compare default db with custom db .. It has been in there from the start, and it was just a matter of selecting the objects in the object designer of the "left" version, a right mouseclick on the ReVision log in the tray, and select the database of which you want to compare the objects with .. as simple as that. As result, you get a compare window of your favorite compare tool with the objects for you .. . And yes, when changing the objects, you are able to import and compile :-).

What has been added?

Well, we expanded this feature to the moment you would like to Check In your changes - who doesn't want to look into all changes he has done on the moment he wants to check in? Well, now it's just a button away: the compare buttons make sure you get a window with a comparison of all objects you want to compare. What did I do today?What did I change to solve this issue? ...

Open Client and connect to DEV db from iFacto ReVision

This hasn't got anything to do with Source Control or anything .. but it was so simple to foresee in the product so that we just did it. You all know the problems: you have "x" number of customers, working on build "y", that's installed on SQL Server or a native server, on location "z" ... . Lots of parameters, but as a partner, something you have to take a hold on.

What if .. this is managed in a central way, one time, for all your developers and consultants in your company? I'm sure many of you also implemented something like that in your company.

Well, ReVision does it as well .. . We already had all the information in our configuration files, like you see here:

All we had to do, is get to know of all the exe's that where on your local machine, identify the build, and make it possible to open the client with it.

Now, you can open any client that's in the repository (which is managed by the administrators ...). When someone adds a database to a repository, you will automatically have the link, and you'll be able to open the client, with the right build and everything.

This is sooooooooooo nice. All I have to do when I start my work: open ReVision, select the repository and double click on the database :-).

Also for RTC Clients?

Sure! RTC clients are very build-aware .. more than classic. It's possible to store the parameters for the RTC connection in ReVision, so you can open it (even without having that annoying shortcut-message all the time :-)) like this:

NAV is all about simplicity .. so that's what ReVision should be all about as well :-).

The future looks bright

This is not all .. we have made significant changes to the TFS interop .. Which actually means we opened up a complete box of tools that is available now regarding TFS. Working with TFS workitems really seems something within our limits now .. :) .. and not only that. Just a few teasers - but more in the future: Integration, Mantis Integration, Plugin abilities, ... :-).

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