Source Control for Microsoft Dynamics NAV - ReVision - Compare & Merge

This is a "part 2" post, which succeeds this one.

I just got a message that my developer created another two movies about the tool .. actually two that isn't too much about source control, but can be very useful to developers... . Functionality that blew my mind, in fact..

Edit in External Editor

First is the possibility to edit an object in an external editor.. . It's something like Sorren already showed in his blog (recently re-posted here), but we're using your favorite editor. Me personally like to use Notepad++, but the genuine notepad, or UltraEdit or any other editor works as well.. you might have noticed we set up the editor in the setup of ReVision.

Sometimes it's easier to find or do something in a text editor .. and that's why we added this functionality:

Compare and Merge

This is actually a very VERY useful tool which I already tested and used in a live environment .. and oh man, I was so happy it existed.. . The idea is some kind of DEV and LIVE database, where you can easily check what the differences are for a certain amount of objects .. In a very easy way: select the objects in the DEV environment, tell the tool you want to compare this with the live environment .. and up you go .. . On top of that, if there ARE differences, you can merge them (again in you favorite compare-tool) immediately and save them to your live database. Your object will be compiled and merged .. :
It's useful for DEV/LIVE comparison, but also to build in certain pieces of functionality from one database to another .. you know what I mean.

Cool, isn't it? :-)

If you wonder .. yes, the version constrol is being taken care of in the above situations as well .. If you change something, a new version is saved to the repository as well ..

Greetings from San Francisco!

Ps, we might be adding another one about the source control itself, because I noticed that the movie about the source control is quite short. On the other hand, there is just not much more to say .. It's saving your versions into a repository ;°)...

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  • Well .. there isn't going to be a cloud-version.  there might be a SQL Azure possibility in the future, though .. but that's in consideration.

    meanwhile, here you can find the tool:

  • Hey - it's January 2011 and I must be missing the information on your version control.  Like many of said - it would be good to get a hold of a beta or even alpha version.

    As for feedback - a cloud only version would be a big negative for me.

  • The going-to-market question is a good one .. we're still trying to find out wether it's a good idea to go into the cloud with this, or just use an old licensing model.

    Going into the cloud would mean that everyone should have internet-access at all times, and I don't know if some partners would find this a problem... .

    All feedback is helpful there!

    We have one date in mind: 1st of Januari 2011... that's when it HAS to be ready to market.

  • Hi Davor,

    thanks for you comments.

    The object name is actually configurable .. so you would be able to change this according to your own needs.

    Furthermore, it's not in the demo, but some basic manual commands are possible: check in, check out, pending objects, ... things like that.  But not all yet, so we will be addding more so that a decent source control is posible..

    There is also an option to not check in on each save (or close of the object), but after close of the object designer (and even then, you don't have to check in the object).  So the checkin, you totally have under control.. .

    Thanks again for your feedback!  This is very valuable..

  • Hey, excellent tool! Considering that source control is a number one area that needs some loving if you ask any serious NAV developer.

    After watching the videos I noticed that file naming is including object name. Since only object type and number are a unique identifier in NAV, if you have objects that are named differently or renamed in two databases, would that not make it hard to directly compare them?

    I assume you're intercepting save commands in both NAV and in the local filesystem and automatically compiling/committing objects. Would it be useful to also have some kind of manual mode to commit to source control only when you want to? Many times I find myself doing some small scale incremental changes and saves as the object is being developed, just to be sure I'm still on track and all is at least compiling OK - and not all of those need to be stored in the repository.

    Oh and another thing about file naming - since NAV has a specific ordering of objects with Tables coming first, then Forms etc., that us developers are used to, are you considering an option to specify your own file naming convention and whether to have all the files in one directory or have them separated in subdirs per object type?

    For example when I split large .txt file into objects, using my custom made Perl script, I name them with the following syntax:





    This way they are always sorted "correctly".

    Looking forward to hearing more about this!

  • ok, it is not, found out for myself now ;)

    reading the whole thing before posting would help :D

    any idea when you wanna put this onto the market? or is an open beta planned / demoversion?

  • Pretty cool tool :)

    Is it already to purchase? found nothing on