Source code of Form Transformation Tool published

You probably don't remember the "Form Transformation Tool" (aka TIF-tool). Of course not, because we're all implementing RTC like hell .. and don't want to look back to the classic "Ice Age", do we?

But indeed .. once apon a time .. there was a classic environment .. and the smart people who wanted to upgrade to the Role Tailored environment were faced for - what seemed to be - a huge task: those classic forms had to be transformed to nice looking pages .. .

Microsoft provided us with a tool called "Form Transformation Tool". A tool in C# that tranformed the forms into pages. And all went quite fine .. as long as you created forms like Microsoft did.. .

But .. in those days, people really were "Form-Artists". They created forms like no one had ever seend before .. with colors, many grids, buttons all over the place .. not really the default way of doing things.

Therefore, the Transformation Tool sometimes didn't do really a very good job.. .

Well .. for those people that are in that kind of trouble .. there is good news: Microsoft has now published the C# Source Code of the Transformation Tool to enable you as a partner to adjust the tool according to your demands and own upgrade solutions for Dynamics NAV 2009!

This is a nice step forward for those people who depend on the tool .. and encountered problems with the "artistic" forms.. .

If you're interested, you can find the source code of the tool here:

More information regarding the transformation from Forms to Pages in NAV 2009 can be found here:


Ps, one tool I made was the "One-click Form Transformation", which makes it easier to transform selected forms to pages. It can save you a lot of time. Just a tip Wink.

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