So .. I did a stream ..

Not too long ago, I asked about opinions on whether I should just keep blogging, or if I should also jump on the streaming-wagon like many already did .. and start streaming content about business central. In fact, that poll is still on my website, and today, it says this result:

So, a vast majority isn’t really waiting for me to bring out any streaming videos :-).

But .. in all honesty .. I was too curious to try out this streaming thing as well – and in my opinion, I do think that some topics are more useful to stream about, than it would be to blog about.

So .. for testing, I did a Stream ;-). Which means: I have a youtube channel which now has 1 video :-):

The stream itself, you can find here:

I set up a basic build pipeline for Henrik ‘s new Open Source tool “BC AL Toolbox”. Something definitely worth to check out!

Conclusion: I’m going to have to work a bit on the quality of about everything. But other than that, please tell me – what do you think? Wasted time? You want to see more? If you have topics in mind – I’m all ears. Use the comments below this post, I’d say ;-).

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