Searching the unsearchable

You probably know about the twitter hashtag “bcalhelp” .. A way for you to ask help on twitter about anything AL for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Well – yesterday, it made me smile … there was someone that was trying to find something on Vjeko’s blog.  Pretty clever to use the bcalhelp for it :-), because he immediately got response.  Here is the twitter thread (if you can call a question/answer a thread ;-)):

You see that “trickynamics” got immediate response from “Marton Sagi” .. And if you don’t know Marton Sagi – then you probably realize that you actually do, because it’s the guy behind the AL Object Designer – one you should add to your VSCode Extensions ;-).

Anyway – not being able to search Vjeko’s blog is something that needs to be fixed.  It’s unthinkable.  So I decided to contribute to that – and I would encourage all the social-engaged people in the community to blog or share this one on all levels ;-).

How to search Vjeko’s Blog:

Well, it’s a wordpress blog, and every wordpress blog can be searched by adding “/?s=querystring“.  Just try to search my blog on the top right, and see what URL you get.  A similar thing you can do with vjeko’s blog.

So, a few examples:

You get the picture

How come the search is removed?  Doesn’t Vjeko want us to search his blog anymore?

Well, I talked to him, and he is actually in the process of moving his blog to his own server – and moving a wordpress apparently comes with some challenges .. so let’s give him some time, I guess ;-).


Yes, with all the heavy content out there, I thought it was time for a lightweight article – which is mainly meant as a joke to put a smile on some faces ;-). Enjoy…

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