Saving Filters in NAV 2009 SP1

I don't know if you know. Probably you do, but may be you don't. And if you do, may be there is something new that you didn't of don't know of yet. You'll only know if you read it all… .

What an intro … Indifferent.

I already mentioned it in one (or two) of my previous posts: it's possible to save filters now. At least ... that's how I describe it. Microsoft catalogues it under "user defined views". This is a really neat feature, which users will use a lot .. believe me.

How does it work?

Very simple. Nothing to it. First thing to know .. It only works in the role center! But that's good. If you have created a role center in a decent way, you'll see that you'll have your 'views' that you want.
Let's take the customer list as an example. I would like to have a "shortcut" to my British customers. Just click customers and filter the list:

Then, click the Customers-button just above the Filter Pane. There, you'll see the new "Save View As…" option:

I named my view "GB Customers" and saved it in the "Home" Navigation Pane button.

Note: you can create your own Navigation Pane buttons and save your views there as well.

This is the result:

For the techies amongst us … where is it saved?

Well, thanks to the fact there are a number of ways to store stuff like this (PersonalizationStore, ClientSettings, User Metadata, Profile Metadata, …), I was not sure, so I just started a SQL Profiler. The result was: the User Metadata. This was the resulting query:

UPDATE "NAV2009_SP1"."dbo"."User Metadata" WITH (REPEATABLEREAD) SET "Page Metadata Delta"=@P1 WHERE ("User SID"=@P2 AND "Page ID"=@P3 AND "Personalization ID"=@P4) AND ("timestamp"<=@P5)

As you will see in the table, the "delta" is saved as blob … probably unreadable. For the really-deep-dive-guru's amongst us … please feel free to explore how it's saved in there… .

Now, why do I mention this? Well .. you'll see in one of my next posts… Smile.

How on earth can I get rid of that view?

This is a funny one. Since CTP1 (the earliest built where I could get my hands on), I thought this was a bug. I could not find the place (note: in CTP releases, there is NO documentation whatsoever - in my defense Wink) where to delete my custom view, and I was convinced that they would solve it in the release.

Now, I must say, I was just searching in a complete wrong direction. In the release, I couldn't find it either. Until I found it in a (I have to admit) not too bad place for it. Just click "Customize Navigation Pane" (right mouse click on the Navigation Pane):

There you can find your view and delete it:


Simple and good stuff, ain't it? Smile

Comment List
  • Hi Waldo,

    Thanks for your blog.

    I have added a page "My Contacts" to my Role Center by coping the Customer page and the My Customer table, but the filter saving does not work.

    Is there a probity that has to be set?

    Thanks in advance

  • Great post Erik! Always learn a lot from your blog!

  • It wasn't warning. I just highlight new feature.

    For classic client users often complain of very narrow lines and you have to delete their ZUP-file.

    Now you can delete record from table User Metadata, or user can restore default settings by himself (with action Delete Personalization Settings).

  • Sandy: thanks for the tip. It's indeed possible like that in the classic client...

    Andrey: That's how I would try to do it, indeed.  And thanks for the warning ;°)

  • Hi Eric!

    "is saved as blob … probably unreadable".

    Try to export this blob as XML (this trick  work also with field "MetaData" from "Object Metadata" table. :)

    PS. With NAV 2009 SP1 you should not delete records from table User Metadata (if user overpersonalize his RTC). Now user can use Delete Personalization Settings action from Customize button of Role Center.

  • For those that have not leveraged it, you can do something similar by using the Shortcuts in the classic client.

    If you create a shortcut to a filtered list (ie: GB Customers) you can quickly pull up the details.