PRS @ NAV Decisions & Dutch Dynamics Community

It's a busy community-week for me :-).  And I feel so ashamed to not have blogged about any of it.. :(.  But hey, I've got a reason.  I'm working 16 hours a day lately to try to make my new house somewhat decent to live in by the 14th of July.  Status at this time: no water, no heating, no floor, no kitchen .. still 24 days to go :-/.  I hope you understand blogging is limited to a minimum these days.

But anyway.. I still seem to find time to spend evening at events and such .. must love doing that .. ;-).

PRS @ Dutch Dynamics Community

Yesterday, I was at the Dutch Dynamics Community (DDC).  Like Mark said in his blog, the DDC was inspired on the Belgian Dynamics Community - how cool is dat.  So I was very anxious to see what was going on over there .. was it the same athmosphere, same setting, .. In any way comparable with Belgium?

And I was very positively surprised.  Not only the attendees are treated with a beautiful buffet at the beginning of the evening .. the organization was flawless: great venue, great accommodation, .. .  Thanks guys, I'm honored  that you guys wanted to have PRS there!

The title of my session: Creating Repeatable Software (Partner Ready Software).  I'm planning - when my house is finally somewhat liveable - to blog the crap out of these PRS concepts .. so I won't go into details just now.  However, if I'm allowed, I'm going to put up the slides somewhere, so do keep track of the downloads at Mibuso and DDC if you're interested in the slidedeck.

MVP Expert Panel @ Decisions

Next event was the NAV Expert Panel at Decisions.  It was the second time I did this .. and I must say, I wasn't feeling too much of an expert.  The main topic was NAV2013 (obviously), and I haven't been playing too much with it (for the known reason) to be able to give concrete answers on the questions they had.  Sorry for that.  However, I have been answering and giving some opinions on stuff, so I hope it was worth having me there.  If not, it was definitely worth for me being there ;-).

PRS @ Decisions

In less then an hour, my session (a stripped down session for the one I did at the DDC) about: "Partner Ready Software: Creating Repeatable Software for the Cloud" is going to take place in the online "Decisions" event.   May be an expensive title .. but in my opinion, a very interesting topic :-).  So for all of you, please join!

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