Presenting PRS for NAV Dev Team in Vedbæk (MDCC)

Quite an interesting day today :-).

As you might know, Gary Winter, Mark Brummel and me are also working on an initiative we call "Partner Ready Software". If you don't, it might be interesting to read up on it on one of my previous blogposts. Microsoft had seenour session in Antwerp (NAVTechDays) and Orlando (Directions US) .. which resulted into an opportunity to us to present our initiative to the NAV DEVteam. Now, as part of the MVP program, we were invited for a NAV7 "Knowledge Transfer" we refer to as "KT3" this week, so it was a great time to combine the trip with that meeting.

So we came a day earlier .. and before we knew, we were in one of the Microsoft meeting rooms(MDCC) this morning, preparing for an internal "brown bag" session with the focus: "New NAV Architecture and Coding principles".. with the intention that we bring fresh ideas on how to code in a more decent way.. . We must admit, what we have is still all quite high level without any concrete-fully-broken-down-application-example .. but hey .. we're just in the beginning of this.

I think we can be very happy with the attendence. As far as I understand .. it wasn't mandatory to anyone .. and it was going to be recorded. So anyone could have watched it anytime anywhere. But still, the room was filled with about 40 people, and except from 2, they were all developers - our target audience. The other 2 people were program managers - and it's a good sign that also they are interested in this :-).

We talked about:

  • the scope of PRS: what's PRS all about, what are we trying to achieve, .. things like that;
  • the Architecture: we actually gave (probably the wrong) names to some (what we call) "Design Patterns" in NAV. This should make it easier to choose and apply some kind of design pattern to any problem.. . It's basic .. but it's progress!
  • the coding: quite the same as at NAVTechDays, where we addressed things like "Atomic coding", "object-oriented coding in NAV" and "Facade designs".. .

Basically it's the same as what we did at NAVTechDays. If you're interested, I recommend you to download the movie and/or the pptx from mibuso.

And it was definitely worth doing all this. Again, people we didn't know yet at Microsoft were very interested in the content and what we were going to do with it .. but more important .. people really want to help us as well. So we really are in close contact with Microsoft now, which is very motivating on moving forward with all this ... now we have to deliver! :°)

Speaking of which .. how will we move forward with this?

Well .. my very personal first job is setting up our wiki page. Too bad that the software isn't really cooperating yet .. but I'm working (and mailing with the servicedesk) on that.. . I think it's very important to set it up, because it's going to be our place to facilitate the content of PRS: that's where we'll be adding the content, writing about coding examples and all other things PRS includes .. and trying to get feedback from you on all we write :-). Feedback is key .. so we really depend on you and your feedback, opinions, ... . Remember, PRS is a community thing. It's not a company or whatever .. it's part of the community .. and you and everyone else is part of it!

So, now it's time to get ready for KT3!

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