Off to TechDays (Sweden)

It's funny. I'm in the plane right now, off to Sweden to present a session about NAV 2009 Development together with Mark (Brummel) ... you know, the ponytail from the Netherlands Wink. Why funny? We have the exact same event in Belgium in a few days ... . But in Belgium .. no Dynamics NAV whatsoever on the conference. 3 days of technical info .. super interesting .. but no Dynamics NAV.

On the other hand in Sweden, there IS NAV content. Not much (we're it, actually Smile), but at least there IS. I think (I'm not sure though) we're pioneers in this.

(Oh my god .. I'm looking out of the window and everything is covered in snow. I'll have to drive for 2 hours to Örebrö and it seems it's going to be challenging ...

ok, I know, not interesting ... so anyway ...)

I mean, I think it's the first time NAV will be presented anywhere on a local TechDays . If I'm wrong, you're allowed to correct me. How come we will be doing this? Easy. As MVP we are asked frequently to submit possible content for conferences like this. For the Swedish convention, they sent out a mail, and I replied for doing a NAV session together with Mark. And they approved ... . In Belgium .. they rejected :-/. Too bad though, because it would have been great to try to convince some Belgians to NAV development ... we're really short in (good) developers.

I will brief you once-in-a-while to update you how it's going. It's my first official session on an official Microsoft conference .. with an official "dry run" and everything. So wish us luck! Smile

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