New NAV 2009 blogger - and what do I see there?

I wanted to get your attention to a new blogger: Claus Lundstrøm. OK, I hear you thinking "just another blogger - what do I care"? Well, I would like to emphasize a few things on Claus.

Claus Lundstrøm has been with Navision/Microsoft Dynamics NAV for about 10 years. Now, he's Program Manager in the Core Platform team in Denmark and is responsible for Page Designer and Reports in Dynamics NAV 2009. May be you remember Claus of one of my previous postings, when I announced he was going to be a speaker on the Belgian Dynamics Community Launch Event.

Is this an interesting blogger? It's obvious he is. He's got the tools, knowledge, access, first hand information, ... and he's willing to share Wink.

Enough advertisement, here's the link: I recommend that you subscribe to his RSS, comment on his blog, so that he HAS TO keep on blogging Wink.

In his first blog he takes a dive into a new feature: a DropDown list with Field Groups. On top of that, he shares some tips about "using the keyboard" in the dropdown list (I hope he'll share more tips and tricks like that in the future). Now, one thing I wanted to take a closer look with you. I noticed this screenshot:

Don't you see something neat? No? Shall I zoom in?


Is that a blue color in the C/AL editor? Is the next C/AL editor going to work with ... colors?

Don't need to say more Wink.

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