New book: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009: Professional Reporting


A new book has recently been released: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009: Professional Reporting. And as you might have expected: it's all about reporting (mainly RDLC reporting).

Now, who hasn't been struggling with this in his organization? So much has changed from the standard familiar Report Designer. Let's say: it's the most significant change when we moved from the classic to the RTC. At least for the developers. We're still writing C/AL, right? Even in pages. But report designs? That has all changed ... or let's say: enhanced (in most ways ;°) )!

When moving all my developers to NAV 2009 development, after significant research (together with a select group, I followed the course from Steven Renders at Plataan (I wrote about that in this post)), I decided to let everyone follow a course in Report Design by Steven Renders. Just because I was so happy with the contents, the speed, the way it was explained, the materials he used, the excercises, .. .

Some time after that .. exactly one year ago (October last year), Packt contacted me to write a book about Reporting. Three main reasons why I didn't want to do that: I don't have the time, I wouldn't be able to and there are much better people out there, that are more knowledgeable in this matter .. . And just because of my experience with Steven, I decided to give his credentials to Packt as an alternative.

Now, I don't know if it was because of my influence (I certainly don't want to claim any responsibility ;°) ), or another reason (Steven is quite known as a Reporting Guy - at least in Belgium) .. but a few months later (March this year) I was contacted by Packt that they wanted me as one of the reviewers of the book that a certain Steven was going to write. Cool! I just had to do this review as well .. and I just knew it had to become a great book!

It's the third book (I think..) that I have been reviewing. And yet again .. it's a must-read! Especially because the subject is so different from what we're used to. Because you're doing all this outside NAV .. you get opportunities that you don't expect. And because of that .. it's best to read up on it. I know I'm not supposed to .. but, but I learned so much reviewing it:

  • It builds up from basic to advanced reports
  • It compares its possibilities with other BI tools
  • Best practices with datasets
  • How to use pictures
  • How to use visuals, like data bars, spark lines, conditional formatting,...
  • How to use code in your report
  • How to work with headers and footers
  • How to use page numbers
  • Titles
  • Rectangles
  • ...

I could continue this for a looooong time. But just .. don't be cheap. Buy the book and see for yourself! Here you can find the URL:

I got the opportunity to give away some samples .. but I'm still figuring out how I can do that through my blog .. . Stay tuned .. contest is coming up!

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