New Belgian MSDN/Technet Sessions (Feb-June 2009)

A new serie of MSDN/Technet evening-sessions regarding Microsoft Dynamics NAV is planned in Belgium.

As before, Kurt Juvyns of Microsoft Belgium is the driving force behind this … . He is not much of a frequent blogger (sorry, Kurt Wink), but he sure still supports the community like no other… (what else can I say about my colleague-Belgian-Dynamics-Community-boardmember Smile).

Here is the schedule:

Feb 19

TechNet Evening : Dynamics NAV SP1 BE Local functionality

This session will focus on the different localized granules in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0SP1 BE version. We will provide you with setup information and best practices on the granules which makes Microsoft Dynamics NAV Compliant . Also the granules which are national standards will be covered. (The date of this event is tentative.)

Microsoft Belgium (Zaventem)

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Mar 19

TechNet Evening : Best practices in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 Manufacturing module

In this session we will share best practices on how to implement this module. We will start from a basic setup and describe the different steps in setting up this module and describe the workflow of the complete Manufacturing cycle.

Microsoft Belgium (Zaventem)

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 April 23

 MSDN/TechNet Evening : Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1 : ask the expert session Round Table

At this session you will have the opportunity to ask our local experts all the questions you ever had about Microsoft Dynamics NAV...

We will have a technical and a functional area where you can address pinpointed questions to experts from the field and Microsoft experts.

Please mail your questions and/or suggestions in advance to Kurt Juvyns (, Subject: MSDN - Ask The Experts). (The date of this event is tentative.)

Microsoft Belgium (Zaventem)

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 May 28

 MSDN Evening : Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Essentials

In this session we will present and demonstrate the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 and provide a brief overview of what’s new in technical area. Topics that will be covered: the new Role tailored client and the personalization options, the Page Designer, the Report Designer, Web Services and more. (The date of this event is tentative.)

Microsoft Belgium (Zaventem)

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 June 18

 MSDN Evening : Microsoft Dynamics Mobile 2009

In this session we will present you the Microsoft Dynamics Mobile Solution. We will give you an overview of the architecture and explain how to create your own industry solutions based on the Microsoft Dynamics development platform. We will also provide you some best practices from the field.

Microsoft Belgium (Zaventem)

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In september, I did one of these sessions myself (about Dynamics NAV and hardware). And it seems that I will be participating in the "Ask the experts"-session as well … cool ;°).

Remember: everyone is welcome … no matter you're a partner, customer or whatever … no matter you live in or outside of Belgium.

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