NAVTechDays as a speaker/exhibitor

NAVTechDays has ended .. and I think it's getting old, but hey .. I'm gonna do it: it .. was .. great. In every aspect of the word!

I have attended NAVTechDays as a speaker and exhibitor. Which actually means .. that I missed about all the sessions. And that's the one thing I hated about my attendance. I had to man the booth, prepare my session .. and although I thought that I had plenty of time to attend the sessions .. there just wasn't :(. In fact, I only attended about 30 minutes of Vjeko's session (which was by the way great!).

NAVTechDays as a Speaker

I have done quite some sessions on quite some occasions, and this was by far, the most professional accomodation for speakers I ever experienced. How Luc did it, I don't know .. it must have cost him a fortune! All accomodation you could think of .. was present:

  • The possibility to use multiple laptops
  • A professional slide changer with laser pointer (a really heavy one .. )
  • A separate powerpoint which had pictures of previous sessions (and those pictures were VERY recent ... ) - it's all in the details ..
  • A VERY big screen - small codelines were far from a problem
  • Seats that you would only expect in a movie theatre (may be the fact that the convention was held in a move theatre had something to do with that)
  • Most professional recording material
  • ...

Probably I'm forgetting stuff .. but really .. This is the most professional speaker-accomodation I ever had. I was honored to be part of this. Thanks, Luc!

NAVTechDays as an Exhibitor

I haven't done much conventions where I was an exhibitor. In fact .. NAVTechDays made me realize again that I don't want to do it either. Not that it doesn't create any opportunities .. far from it .. but because I just don't get to see anything else than the exhibition.

It was the first convention where we were with iFacto ReVision. You know, the Source Control tool I have been blogging, facebooking, twittering, ... about. We got .. LOTS .. of interested people, and a few were actually sold :-) (product, I mean, not people:-) ). NAVTechDays also gave the opportunity to present the product for 15 minutes. When I presented ReVision .. the seats were all taken, plus lots of people were standing to look at the presentation. Personally .. I couldn't have expected more than the attention we got!

NAVTechDays as an attendee

So, I can't say much about this .. because I frankly just didn't attend any sessions (did I already mention I really hated that?). But one remarkt that I got from one of the people of Microsoft might summarize that part: "oh my god .. everything is revealed. We just don't have anything more to share!" :-).

Some impressions

The speakers with the NAVTechDays uniform:

Luc doing the keynote .. addressing the amazing news that he gathered people of 34 different countries

The audience paid attention..

Jorg Stryk with his famous book-trick!

Karikature of .. uhm .. Someones face.

My partner in crime .. Gary!

Me with my fellow speakers and an itching nose..


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