NAVTechdays 2012 - another one you shouldn't miss!

Oh yes oh yes oh yes .. :-).

That was my reaction when Luc Van Dyck told me he was going to organize a new edition of NAVTechDays - only one year after the last one.

And you know how I liked it. If not, read this blogpost :-). To recapitulate: NAVTechDays was one of the most professional conferences I ever attended (and I have attended A LOT of them..) - knowing it was only organized by Luc Van Dyck - who happens to be a Belgian too (coincidence? :-)). Perfect accommodation, great seats, long in-depth sessions, no sales&marketing-fluff, … . What more do you want for your consultants? What more do you want as a speaker? What more do you want as an exhibitioner? … Nice looking women? Well, Luc promised to look into it .. I bet he will ;-).


With NAV 2013 coming up, there is - again - a lot to look forward to. But if you thought only the NAV2013-topic is interesting .. well, you're wrong! There are also general sessions, which are really a "must see". Here is an overview of all sessions (for the most up-to-date view, you should visit het conference web site):

  • NAV on Azure (NAV deployment, Click once, administration, creating solutions, upgrade, new authentication model)
  • What's new for data access in NAV2013
  • Web client & NAV portal framework
  • Dynamics NAV 2013 Reporting Story
  • New server capabilities: RTC NAS & Job queue, NAV Server admin tools & scripts, unicode, 64-bit
  • Scrum introduction (and how it's used by the Microsoft Dynamics NAV team)
  • What is new in RTC (Filter variables,Grouping and Grid layout)
  • C/AL coding for performance in NAV2013
  • Writing C/AL unit tests efficiently with help of new tools
  • Best practices in development and design patterns
  • Web Services Black Belt – tips & tricks from the (battle)field
  • Understanding Blocks & Deadlocks – Theory and Practice

But sessions is not the only reason why you should attend. Not at all, actually. The conference provides the excellent opportunities to network, meet people, share experiences, gain ideas, … . You have to see it to believe it. In my opinion, spending two days on a conference like this, is worth a lot!

First NAV conference with its own Windows Phone App!

Yes, you read it well .. and as a WP7-owner, this is very good news for me ;-). As you can read in the FAQ's on the NAVTechDays' website, the app will be available soon, and will look something like this:

Some stats

Like last year, here are some pending stats (there are still ongoing registrations .. In fact .. I'm blogging this much sooner than last year, and the number of attendees is already the same. So there is going to be an even bigger number of people as last year :-)):

At this moment, there are 383 registered attendees, coming from 29 different countries. Among them, there will be 13 MVP's (3 more than last year), 21 Microsoft-people (you have a question?..), 27 speakers,… . Wow..

And yes, there are some special ones as well. Besides the fact that Luc is going to be there as well (and in my opinion, he's the most special one (no, I'm not getting paid for this..)) - Dan Brown is going to do the key note. And no, I'm not talking about the Author of the Da Vinci Code, but I'm talking about the head of Dynamics NAV people at Microsoft (obviously not his official title.. In fact, I was looking for his official title, and found about 5 of them online :-/ Let's just say he's head of Dynamics NAV R&D). Dan already posted this message on the Mibuso Forum (which says he's a General Manager of Dynamics NAV).

Furthermore, there will be Alex Riley, which some of you might know (I must admit .. I didn't). If not, this might help:

Coming back to the most important people there: the attendees. They come from an overwhelming 29 countries, where these are the top 5:

  1. Netherlands: 89
  2. Germany: 61
  3. Belgium: 59
  4. Denmark: 45
  5. United Kingdom: 30

I must admit that I (as a Belgian) don't like being - only - third on the list… . But anyway, here is a map (which is also available on the NAVTechDays website):

There is even going to be someone from Australia and South Africa. How cool is that? =-). Well, if they feel it's worth coming over to little Belgium .. you should too!

See you all at NAVTechDays!

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