NAVTechDays 2011 - One you should not miss!

At the end of this month - 29th and 30th of September - the first NAVTechDays will be a fact! Actually .. the "first" is may be a littlebit wrong. It's actually a better name for a conference that was held a few years back: the mibuso conference, which was a celebration of 10 years mibuso, which is, let's be honest, a life work from a single person, which I'm proud of for being able to call a good friend: Luc Van Dyck.

It's that same person who is doing something, where others need "teams", "boards", "organisations" .. for. Luc is organising an event again, with about the same focus as the mibuso conference, but a much better name: the NAVTechDays. And I'm glad he added a year to the name .. which hopefully means that lots of NAVTechDays will follow this one. Ladies and Gentlemen .. where AX needs its Microsoft, NAV has got his Luc (and the community).. don't forget to attend, the ..

(for people who are wondering .. no I'm not getting paid for this :-)).

Who should attend?

Well .. the title of the conference is quite self-explanatory: this conference is (and should be) about the technical side of NAV, so consultants, developers, development managers, customers, freelancers, project managers .. be ready to experience lots of technical deep dives regarding NAV (duh..).

Some nice stats

Until now, there are 380 paid attendees + 12 pending attendees. That means: about 400 attendees that are already registered to the event! Pardon me .. but am I mistaken that is going to be one of the biggest - of not THE biggest -conference about Dynamics NAV there is? With such a specific focus (being technical / development), Luc managed to gather about the same amount of people as other conferences. Well .. It's probably that focus that makes it so interesting, isn't it .. it's one-of-a-kind.

These 400 people come from 34 different countries. Here is an overview (which you can find on his site as well):

That's amazing. All of them will be traveling to Belgium to attend this event. (that's may be the only disadvantage of this event - I don't get to travel! ;°) ). These are the Top 5 countries:

  • Netherlands: 96
  • Belgium: 62
  • Germany: 59
  • Denmark: 43
  • United Kingdom: 22

Amongst them .. lots of experts are attending, to name a few:

  • There will be 10 MVP's there:
    • Alain Krikilion (aka kriki - Mibuso moderator)
    • Mirko Mainetti (aka Belias)
    • Andrey Panko
    • Kamil Sacek (aka kine)
    • Luc Van Dyck (the mibuso-man!)
    • Luc van Vugt
    • Vjekoslav Babić (aka Vjeko - writer of the first book about NAV 2009)
    • Mark Brummel (did you know he wrote a book? .. ;°) )
    • Jörg Stryk (aka the SQL guru and writer of the SQL Server Field Guide)
    • Eric Wauters (aka waldo - that's me :-)).
  • Steven Renders: writer of the new book about NAV 2009 Reports
  • Freddy Kristiansen: from the famous blog.
  • Per Mogensen: from .
  • Christian Abeln: Mr. Client Extensibility.

Just to name a few .. I'm not mentioning all of them .. there are 400 interesting people for crying out loud .. don't let me name them all (just take a look here :-)).

To conclude, the speakers

I will be speaking at the event .. but don't let that stop you from registring .. because lots of other people who ARE interesting to listen to, are also speaking. Check them out here. These sessions are on the mouthwatering agenda:

  • Administrating NAV '7.0' with Windows PowerShell 2.0
  • Bug-free Development in NAV
  • Developer Tools
  • Form Transformation
  • Integration (CRM connector, Webservices, Windows Phone 7, ...)
  • Mergetool
  • .NET and NAV Interop
  • Partner-ready Software: how to build software for others to maintain
  • Reporting story in NAV '7.0' and additional possibilities for data retrieval
  • RoleTailored Client Add-ins, Visualization & Charting
  • Tools & tricks that make NAV development easier and more organized
  • Understanding Keys & Indexes with Dynamics NAV & SQL Server

It's just not right not to come.

C U there!


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  • Congratulation to  Mibuso, I just want to attend the the first NAVTechDays but unfortunately cant travel to Belgium, so all the best to all participants.