Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 CTP3 - NDA restrictions for partners

A lot of you community animals and Dynamics NAV addicts might have come accross these posts:

There was quite a discussion going on what could be discussed and what not on forums. Why?

CTP3 is made available for partners, and partners only. And everyone have to keep in mind that all partners have signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). This has a consequence to sharing stuff ... you're not allowed to Indifferent.

Now, the NDA restrictions are not always very clear. Therefore, for this CTP3, Ilana Smith from Microsoft has put a post online to make the NDA restrictions in case of the CTP3 more clear to us:

I was asked to clarify the current NDA situation regarding CTP3, which is available for download on PartnerSource. I'm hardly the best person for this, as I'm in development, so I'll just quote the information sent to me by Michael Rosenørn (who is in our Global Product Managment group):


"We have had several questions in regards to how much or how little can be shared with customers around NAV 2009. The message is quite clear – as it is stated on the site for the technical preview – this is partner confidential and the purpose of the Technical Preview is to help you (- the partner) get ready. We will release a marketing VPC by the end of September 2008. By then it will be time to show the solution to your customers and prospects. Until then please be aware of the confidentiality clause which prevents you from sharing any of the content with customers or other external third parties.


So all NDAs that you have signed as a partner or a mvp are in full effect. If you need to share anything there is a customer ready version of the Statement of Direction will give the customer a good idea of where we are heading . . . "

These means you're welcome to discuss NAV 2009 information that is publicly available, but please don't talk about stuff you have privileged access to.

NAV 2009 is a bold step for the product and there's obviously lots to discuss, but hopefully you can understand that, at this point, access to information about the product has to be carefully managed. It's important that partners have a chance to ramp up on the product prior to wider availability.

From a dev team perspective, we love getting feedback, positive or negative. (I prefer negative, it's more useful...) We've heard a lot from the partners who are part of our early access programs, and look forward to hearing even more in the future...

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Now, not all partners are part of the Beta Access Program ... and definitely not of the TAP program. So how to give feedback? Here is your answer: just send your feedback to And don't tell them how good it is, but tell them how bad it is.

Partners, you can find NAV2009 CTP3 here.

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  • I was just re-reading my post, and should make something clear.  With "...but tell them how bad it is", I don't mean that I find it bad, but that you should send the comments on how it can be approved ... not comments like "hey, I like the fast bands" or whatever!

    Personally, I like a lot about the new client, and everything about the new integration possibilities.  So no complaints here ... .


  • Hey thanks Waldo, I was wondering where I should send feedback.