NAV Decisions 2009

Not long ago, I was contacted by the people from They informed me about their new initiative:

October 14, 2009 … on your Desktop!

What is this? Is this yet another convention we can go to? In a way - yes it is… . In a way!

In fact, this is one of the first - no - this is the very first "virtual" conference I ever heard of. It's a conference you can attend in your seat at home, with your kids playing in the same room, and your wife in the backgound (…probably making her way to the foreground) …

Okay okay … bad example.

It's a conference, you don't have to travel to. No travel expenses, no travel time lost … you can listen to the sessions, ask questions .. from your home office or where ever you want. It's online … it's quite futuristic if you ask me. Cool initiative … which I will be part of.

You got everything like in a real-time-in-person event, like:

  • Keynotes
  • Educational sessions
  • Networking opportunities
  • Exhibitor booths (yes, indeed Smile

with the comfort of staying home.

And to give you an idea of the "quality of speakers" … these are two of the NAV speakers I (and probably you as well) know:

  • Jan Sillemann - Director - Microsoft Corp.
  • Vjekoslav Babic - Consultant, Author - Microsoft Corp.

If you would like to know more? Just click here to go to the official site.



Comment List
  • The reason I go to the events is to meet people. But I am open minded, and will give this a try.

  • I'm quite looking forward to seeing how it pans out.

    But as Erik said, not everything can be replicated online!  

  • Yes, virtual events have been happening for years.  While they don't replace the handshake (or beer, Erik!), the industry is growing and should continue to do so.

    The primary purpose of an online conference should be education or information.  Something valuable that the attendee can take away and apply professionally or personally the next day.  If it's not, then yes, it's not valuable.  

    There have been many advancements made to make virtual events interactive.  Not only in chat rooms, but Q & A with the presenters DURING their pre-recorded sessions makes the event most efficient.  Couple that with less time away from the office, cost savings (for both the attendee and the organizer), and you've got yourself a great platform for information delivery.

    Another point is that virtual events can greatly enhance physical events when used in tandem.  Organizations can have an online pre-conference to preceed everyone traveling (and too, reach those who can't make it).  I've worked with orgs that leave their in-person annual meetings/conventions alone and instead provide a supplemental virtual event at the 6 month point.  It's another excuse to stay in touch.

    And, they can also replace virtual events.  I'm working with a major bank right who, instead of flying in 300+ top level salespersons for continuing ed, will offer them a 3 hour live event from their desktops for a small percentage of last year's cost.  Talk about great publicity for their company.  And, their leading salespersons are away from their phones for a couple of hours instead of 3 days, so they're elated.

    There are definitely pros and cons to physical vs. virtual, but wanted to share these additional thoughts!

  • A virtual conference! Maybe it would work. Personally I don't believe in it. But that's just me!

    The primary reason why I go to any Navision conference is NOT to learn about the product or to hear keynotes etc.

    The primary reason is to actually meet the people behind the user names, get a face on the Waldo's and all the other users, you normally only "meet" online. The personal networking is worth it all! Sharing a beer together is priceless.