NAV '7' Service tier most likely 64-bit ONLY

I know there is not much that can be said about the upcoming version of Dynamics NAV .. or better .. there is not much that's allowed to be shared .. ;°).

Sandeep commented the following on my blogpost "New Statement Of Directions: Where is NAV '7' going to ...":

I was just reviewing the Service Tier (64 Bit) in SOD and saw "(Only)" written along with it. Will this mean that 32 bit service tier will be retired?

Interesting comment .. so I contacted Microsoft for this to be sure. After many weeks waiting (apparently (and understandable of course), this was not the most important issue to solve ;°) ), I got the answer that the upcoming service tier is INDEED going to be x64 ONLY.

In fact, when you look at the system requirements for Windows Server 2008 R2, you'll see that it's 64 bit only as well.. . Furthermore, AX 2009 is already 64 bit only, as you can read here.

X64, here I come...

We're moving into a dedicated x64-server-mode, people, so be ready ;°).

I think it's time to turn over my laptop to x64-mode as well, which I always tried to avoid because of the fact that most of the software I use is still 32-bit , and it would consume a rediculous amount of RAM on my laptop.. .

Earlier this week, I was planning to set up a demo about workflow on sharepoint and NAV2009 SP1 on my machine. What do you need? Windows 2008 R2 .. Which is x64. So no chance to run it in VPC, nor on my 32 bit laptop ..

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  • OK, you convinced me .. I will definitely check it out! :-)

  • Solution: throw out Hyper-V and put VMWare server!

    I always use standby (and not hibernate) and all works fine!

    BTW: best is Windows 2008R2 and for defragging both host and clients. Diskeeper has a tool v-locity that defrags both! But it only works with W2008R2.

    I haven't tried it out (W2K8 without R2...) but considering how Diskeeper 2008+2009+2010 work, V-locity will work well.

  • May be I should have elaborated more .. :-).

    The biggest issue in my opinion is the fact that when you run Hyper-V on your laptop, it's not allowed to "sleep".  You always have to shut down your laptop (and virtual servers) .. which makes that starting up in the morning just takes too much time.. .

  • Why not? On mine I could install it if I wanted too. But it is not compatible with VMWare. So or Hyper-V or VMWare.

    BTW: my portable is 1 year old (and I think you have better laptops in Belgium than we have. Italy is always behind on newest technologies [Except maybe Cellular phones and smartphones]).

    BTW: Hyper-V has some problems with USB-disks connected to a Hyper-V client: sometimes it loses connection and gives that the USB drive is corrupt and cannot be read. A restart of the host solves it.

  • The thing is .. that there will be ONLY a 64 bit, no 32 bit anymore!

    Nice tip for the Laptop, but on the other hand, I only have a bluetooth mouse (and a good one!), and I'm only working wireless at home .. .  

    Too bad Hyper-V is still no option for that laptop.. at least not for me :(.

  • Yesterday? I remember Directions EMEA 2008:

    Q: Will the service tier be 32bit only or will there be also 64bit version?

    A: There will be also a 64 bit version.

    BTW: Waldo: Some advice for your portable:

    I have a dual core with 6GB of memory using Windows 2008 64bit and for the 32bit thingies (like old NAV's) I have a VM (I use VMWare server that is free [As MVP you can ask for a VMWare Workstation license!]) with Windows 2003 32bit in which I also installed SQL Server 2008 developer. Now I am thinking of upgrading both to R2. I haven't them because when I installed are they weren't available yet.

    I shut down my portable once a week and for the rest I go in stand-by with the VM still active and I don't have problems!

    If I were to redo everything, I will be using this setup again!

    BTW: I do have 2 problems:

    1) no bluetooth and it seems W2008R2 still has problems (I don't care about this).

    2) I do have some problems with wireless networks. This sometimes forces me to do a reset of the modem/hub and if this doesn't work, a reset of my portable. But I always try to avoid wireless networks.

    BTW: Now I am playing with VMWare Thinapp. I think this is a solution for RTC development and testing.

  • x86 is so 2006

  • Can we have it yesterday please? ;)

  • Yes that's good news. And very a understandable step. I don't think that many new servers these days are 32-bit anyway.

  • This is great news. It makes great sense and means everything can be properly optimized.