NAV 2013 is released and ready to download!

This morning, I got a mail from LinkedIn that caught my attention. It was Gerdien Cammeraat (which you all know from her involvement in Directions EMEA..) that started a new discussion at LinkedIn: "NAV 2013 will be shipped today".

All day, I have been watching partnersource, watching the team blog, F5-ed the hell out of my explorer-tabs.... without any notification about the release.. .

Until just 10 minutes ago, when I saw on facebook a post from Zeeshan Mehdi (NAV addict and one of the best support people at Microsoft): "Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 go's RTM. Let the new era begin!" .. with a link to the download page .. which made it very easy for me! :-)

In my opinion, when we're able to download the RTM .. I find that we can say that NAV 2013 is released. Here is the download page.

As you see .. yet again .. my personal pain in the a$$ ..not all countries have been released. Only "Group 1" countries have been released, which are:

  • AU-Australia
  • CA-Canada
  • DK-Denmark
  • FR-France
  • DE-Germany
  • IN-India
  • IT-Italy
  • MX-Mexico
  • NL-Netherlands
  • NZ-New Zealand
  • ES-Spain
  • SE-Sweden
  • UK-United Kingdom
  • US-United States
  • W1

I'm happy for the people from those countries.

We'll have to use the W1 version .. and we're gonna! At least .. when we're able to download it .. because when I tried to download it, all I got is this error message:

MBS File Exchange Access Denied.

Hope it doesn't mean that I'm not allowed using NAV2013 .. or that non-Group1 countries are not allowed using NAV2013 W1 .. or ..

I'm sure it's just temporary…

For those of you who ARE able to download it: ENJOY!

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