NAV 2009 Reporting: Paper Orientation

When you're planning to print reports from the new RDLC layout, things have been changed. One of the things is: how do I print this damn report in landscape?? With the new matrix-report possibilities, one might expect to have too many columns to print it in portrait.

Well, keep in mind that in the RoleTailored client, the properties PaperSize and Orientation (that we know as report-properties in the Report Designer) are obsolete. This means: you can do whatever you want with it .. the printout won't take these properties into account.

So, how DO I set the size and orientation then?

That part, I could not find in the manual (in the 10 minutes I searched for it .. sorry). But I did find it online. And it's quite simple. I was searching for literally the "orientation" or "size" keyword, but actually all I needed is the Report Properties in the RDLC layout (Visual Studio):

As you can see, you can set the page width and height. For example an A4 paper size:

  • In Portrait:
    • Page Width: 21cm (8,3in)
    • Page Height: 29,7 (11,7in)
  • In Landscape:
    • Page Width: 29,7 (11,7in)
    • Page Height: 21cm (8,3in)

It's all manually in the Layout-tab of the Report Properties.

Hope this is helpful!

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