NAV 2009 R2 App-V whitepaper available

I just came home from the NAV 2009 R2 Launch in Belgium (in fact, I did my own small presentation there).  As I expected, a lot of focus on the cloud and the App-V support for NAV now .. and that reminded me of the fact that I wanted to share one little thing .. . There is a whitepaper available on how to set up the RoleTailored client and Classic client in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 to run as virtual applications in App-V.

What is App-V??

To use Microsoft's words.. : Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) is an application virtualization and streaming solution. With App-V, you can make applications available without installing the applications directly on end-user computers.

So, in other words:

  • Less maintenance
  • Easier to upgrade (technically)
  • Still able to use the resources of the local PC
  • ...

But to set it uw, you need quite some knowledge in this area, so the whitepaper is really a helpful thing in getting you started!

You can download it here (on partnersource).

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  • OK, is there a half-decent way to rollout the new release to >50 clients, where the Nav 2009 SP1 is already installed ?

    I just tried msiexec to uninstall the "old" Nav2009 SP1 but an error message pops up, that i have to use the setup.exe for uninstall. :(

    I'm not in the mood of uninstall an install the Nav clients on all machines manually.

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