NAV 2009 "Professional Reporting" book: Contest & Promotion!

It's the first time I do this .. and logistically it isn't that easy to set up (or I'm forgetting something very obvious). But I got the opportunity to organize some kind of contest .. that I just HAD to do for you to be able to win this great new book that was just released:


What can you win?

First of all, you can win 3 hard copies of the book. However, I'm only able to send print copies to an address in the US and Europe only. I don't really know why .. but that's what I've been told.

Second, everybody can win 3 e-copies of the book. No "however" here .. everyone can win this :).

How can you win?

Simple. I decided to use the contact form on my blog to win the book. Just click "contact" on the Left of my blog's page and fill out your details as you see below:

Friday the 4th of November, this little contest will end! I'll put the winners in a separate blogpost.


But that's not all ..


Promotion from 1st till the 20th of November

On top of the above .. everyone can benefit from a promotion .. just because you're reading my blog :-) (although I do think this promotion will be printed on some other sites as well .. but hey ;°) .. for me, you're special :-) ). When ordering a copy, if you fill in the promotion codes below .. you will get an 18% discount on what you order! How cool is that!

Here are the promotion codes:

Print copy - DNAV18PRINT

E-copy - DNAV18EBOOK

This promotion is valid from 1st till the 20th of November. So be quick (enough)!


As I already mentioned .. this book is a "must read". Don't hesitate to take a shot at the above.

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