Microsoft Dynamics Top 100 Most Influentional people 2010

Remember this from 2009, when the list first came out? It got a lot of attention and was covered in numerous articles, blogs and ... . But what is it, actually?

The "Microsoft Dynamics Top 100 Most Influentional people" is a list that is composed by the poeple of Dynamicsworld. You can find their website on

It's a community that tries to offer what the other Dynamics community hasn't got to offer .. and one of the things: "The List".

Now, last year, it was kept a little bit of a secret, because of the surprise effect they wanted to achieve.

This year, however, it's open to the public. People can nominate and vote on the people they think are influentional enough to be on the list for 2010. Now, be aware, it's no popularity contest. The voting will only provide a very small proportion of the overall score. It will also act as a way of splitting up those who are close to each other in their positions in the list.

But what else are they looking at besides the voting then?

Everybody is assessed in the same way, with points awarded for years of experience in the channel, MVP status awards more points. The longer you have held MVP status scores highly as does current active involvement in the Dynamics Channel.

Futhermore, they try and score people on actual influence, this is not a list of the 100 best coders, but the most influential people, so for example if a person builds something that Microsoft then pick up and roll out through AX6 that would have a major influence but would be rather indirect, but if you wrote on a blog and 1000 people acted on what you said that might have a smaller influence but be directly attributed to you, so would score just as highly.

Scores also count for the number of people who recommend you and those that vote for you following the nomination. As is the number of people who work for you, so an MD with 1000 people working for them has more influence than a first line support admin person at an end user who has only just started.

Also those who have good networks score well, so those that build networks on linkedin or twitter do well, those with well read blogs score highly as well (hm, yippiiii :-)), as do those active in the forums, and those generally well known.

Finally those that do something extraordinary like build an application or add-on that is highly regarded are scored highly.

And this is not all .. but as you can see, it's not just a simple popularity/voting system .. It's a well considered list (one list for all products!), which is a nice initiative, isn't it?

Here are a few links:

It's clear I didn't make this info up (or not all ;°) ). They briefed me with how they are composing the list, and I thought it was important to let you know the effort that they're putting into it .. which should not be underestimated.

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