Microsoft Dynamics Top 100 Most Influential people 2011

Remember my post about the Microsoft Dynamics Top 100 Most influential people in the world? is on its 3rd edition now, and they're really taking it (too?) serious. A lot of science, a lot of factors, a lot of involvement of people around the world.. . Last year, I did an attempt to explain it myself (after they briefed me ..) (at least, back then I understood the credentials). Now, I don't even start to try ;°) .. It's huge. To have an understanding how they are managing the list, I suggest you read up on this page: The Power of Influence.

At this point, all nominees are known .. you can find them here. That also means: voting time!

Hey waldo, are you on the list as well? Yep, but not as "waldo". I'm on the list with my real name "Eric Wauters".

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  • Waldo / Alex,

    Thank you for talking about the list, it all helps. I think I am in agreement that influence is subjective and not a science. And that one person who influences one person may not be influential to another.

    In the first year the feedback we received suggested that we were too centred on Europe and the US, last year, the feedback was that too many Microsoft staff made the list.

    So each year we are trying to make the criteria and subsequently the list much better. The feedback this year has been that the criteria might be too complicated, but hopefully that is our problem to overcome.

    At the core of the idea, is that the list should reward those in the Microsoft Dynamics that make a difference and are "influential". As much as I agree with Alex that if Waldo influenced somebody to buy NAV then that it is truly influential, but then so is Waldo influential if he is responsible for someone deciding to take up a career in Dynamics, which is again difficult to quantify.

    So we have tried to assess people on elements that we can quantify. For example with Waldo we know that he has more readers of his blog than a less successful blogger - therefore he would be more influential than that less successful blogger (I hope you allow me not naming them I would not wish to be accused of bias at this stage!!)

    It also would stand that a CEO of a global VAR is more influential than a small VAR which has only just set up.

    The difficulty for us comes in trying to work out whether the blogger or CEO is more worthy of influence.

    It is here where the nomination and voting process comes in. The nomination process allows us to see the reasons why people should be nominated, a nomination putting forward the merits of a nominee, and showing true influence is clearly more valued. We had more than 2000 nominations so we are still ploughing through the some of the reasons. The voting element does throw up some issues in that it can be seen as popularity contest, and I like your analogy of the prom queen, but the voting process is to give everyone a say. We have a very strong network, but it should not just be those in our network that have a say and we open it up to everyone. But as we have always said the voting is just one element that goes to make up the list.

    Also this year’s voting process will be slightly different to last year’s so hopefully making it fairer. So please keep an eye on the changes.

    Also please do believe us that we really appreciate the engagement of everybody and the feedback that we get because it can only help in making the list better.

    Kind Regards,


  • I'm simple, you know that..

  • It's as complicated as how high schools elect their prom king and queen.

  • OK, may be I used the wrong word .. with "science" I meant it's really complicated how they're measuring things .. I tried to understand it, but I just don't get it anymore.

    There are people in the list that I know that I really have questions about .. and there are people who are not in the list, that definitely should be in it.

    But you can't blame the people who are managing "this list" .. they gave everyone the chance to nominate people, so .. .

    Do I care about the list?  Let's just say .. I don't expect this to drive my carreer ;°)

  • There's no science in this. How influential a person is in the world Dynamics is totally subjective.

    This is more a popularity contest than anything else.

    I don't know any effective way to measure influence unless you can pinpoint a specific customer saying "I bought Dynamics NAV over the competing product because Eric Wauters said so".