Microsoft Dynamics NAV compatibility with Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008

Two posts in one day ... It's not really my habit, but it's just too interesting (and definitely a "hot topic") to not to inform you of this. I promised in my previous post that a next one regarding compatibility would follow. I just got the necessary (official) compatibility information. Microsoft has been working hard on this, and this is that status.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.00 SP3 and 5.00 SP1 are compatible with Microsoft Windows Server 2008. The only updates to take into account only applies to customers with Business Notification and/or Commerce Gateway functionality. You can find more info in KB article 956161.

Compatibility with SQL Server 2008 is still in test. Just check this site for an update on the test results... . I will (try to) keep you informed as well, off course.

So, what about NAV2009? Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 will support Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Microsoft Server 2008 when it becomes available. And now is the million dollar question ... when does it come available? Officially: second half of calendar year 2008. A little bit vague, isn't it? (Aren't we already in second half 2008? Can we expect it tomorry then? Smile )

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