“Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018” in 2017 afterall!

Good News!

I just got some breaking news from – for me – a very reliable source. Fellow Microsoft Dynamics NAV MVP Erik Hougaard just released his blogpost that Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 will be released this year afterall. That confirms the statement that the product was ready to be released – which means that Microsoft wasn’t bullshitting us (pardon my language) in the US.

The news was brought by “Alysa Taylor“, General Manager of Global Marketing for the Cloud & Enterprise Business Applications and Industry division (wow…). Well, the messaging in her area had never been so confusing.. but you can’t say she didn’t act upon it, with this blog post:


As she clearly states. “Dynamics NAV 2018 and Dynamics GP 2018 will become generally available later this calendar year“. It can’t get any clearer.

Also, the cloud-offering of NAV will be deliverd as two distince offerings:

  • A Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud application
  • A business application platform for ISVs

I truly believe that the passion, motiviation, dedication and collaboration of the partners and Microsoft’s NAV-team contributed to this – which have made Directions US 2017 a useful conference to say the least ;-).

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