Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Product Readiness Library

You've all seen the blogs and such that are coming out with new information about NAV 2013. Great stuff, and nice things to look out for.

And sometime you ask yourself .. why doesn't Microsoft do more about Product Readiness?

Well .. I must say .. They ARE doing something. In my opinion, something really really useful.

Tell me .. when you're "exploring" new stuff in a new release .. what do you search for to help you? A manual of 500 pages that explains everything about all topics? A 2 hour video that explains a lot and more? Or are you looking for very particular, short descriptions of exactly that topic, with may be a 2-minute video-demo, or a 2 page white paper .. Or a 5 slides powerpoint .. That really comes down to the exact point that you were looking for?

I'll take the latter. And it's exactly that what you can find in Partnersource by the name: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Product Readiness Library

Like the name already explains, it's a Library .. a place where you can find stuff. Stuff that teaches you stuff. And as you know .. we're all into "stuff", aren't we (inside joke..)?

Microsoft did already a good job in categorizing the library. First of all, you have the three main categories:

And within these categories, you'll find a wide range of different types of .. stuff, like:

  • Slide Decs
  • Factsheets
  • Video's
  • Marketing Screenshots

And again divided in sub categories (if I may call it like that):

  • Implementation Considerations
  • Business Value
  • Design Insight
  • How-To

So what does this mean?

Quite frankly .. a whole lot. Not only, there is a lot of stuff you can find about what's new in NAV2013 .. but it's very easy to search as well.

Let's say you're diving into the new RapidStart Services, and want to know what it can be useful for (Business Value), or how it works (How-To), then you just click on the "Application" part of the Library, and you'll immediately see what kind of information you have for RapidStart, like:

How cool is that? This is really something to get you going .. which explains the "readiness" part ;°).

Is it going to be extended?

There is already a lot online, but I've heard that it isn't even half of the planned .. stuff. A lot more is coming, so this Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Product Readiness Library is definitely something to add in your favorites!

Good job, Microsoft!

Keep the "stuff" coming!

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