Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Beta ready to download!

As Vjeko already announced, the Beta version of the new release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is ready to be downloaded from Partnersource! Even more .. the localised versions for the "Group 1" countries and the W1 are available (did I already mention I HATE being in Group 2?).

That means: get your *** over to Partnersource, download and start playing with all those great new features in the release! Start debugging, start posting your assemblies, start creating your beautiful queries and use them in Excel PowerPivot with Odata, ... . There is a lot to look out for!

Furthermore, you'll find some documentation on the NAV 2013 Beta download page, like System requirements, Upgrade guide, what's new, ... .

We're not sure yet if this means that blogging about it is allowed .. we're still waiting for approval for that.. so I'll keep this message short for the partners who want to gain more info already .. and, of course, more to come!

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