Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Demo Contest

A new way to get familiar with the product ... and not a bad one.

A few months ago, we could read about the "Web Services Competition for NAV 2009" on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV UK Blog. If this is a serious competition or not, I don't know. But recently, I noticed Microsoft is organizing another contest: the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Demo Contest on Directions 2008 (Atlanta).

This contest seems a little bit more serious. There are even "official rules", prizes, guidelines, ... . As "cherry on the pie" or "nose of the salmon" or ... (whatever you English speaking people use as expression for something like "biggest opportunity") the top 3 finalists may present their demos at one of the keynote sessions during Directions 2008 in Atlanta (October 21st).

Not only partners are going to invest time to get familiar with the product, there will be 3 demo's where other partners can see and learn "how to sell NAV2009" Wink. That's a double win for Microsoft.

Anyway, I'm not really into contests like this, but I sure like to be a spectator. It's may be the one reason that is going to get me out of bed to follow the (usually very early-in-the-morning-scheduled) Keynote sessions (as you might have figured - I'm not a Keynote fan either).

Besides having the honor to present in one of the Keynote sessions, there is also something to bring home - prizes!

  • First Prize – Two Sony Vaio VGN-UX390N Micro PC, value $1,360 each
  • Second Prize – Two Xbox 360 video game systems and 2 Grand Theft Auto IV games, $410 each
  • Third Prize – Two 80GB Zune media devices and 2 DLO-Power Packs, $290 each

Above that, the top three finalists will have a free entrance ticket to Directions 2008.

If you want to participate and qualify, you'll have to provide Microsoft with a demo script and PowerPoint slides by 11:59PM Pacific Time, September 14, 2008. Since it's only for partners (obviously), I'll keep the necessary information to participate confidential. Here is the link where you can read all about it.

I'm sure many of you will be "teased" by this opportunity ... and are competitive enough to participate. Well ... good luck and see you in Atlanta [J]!

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