Microsoft Dynamics Mobile - officially discontinued

Today, I got the official message that the promising and famous Microsoft Dynamics Mobile solution has been discontinued.

This is the official message:

Today Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV have strong mobility solutions in the market developed by various partners. Tools like Visual Studio as well as the current Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV tool sets (primarily Web Services and integration with the .NET framework) help enable you and other partners to develop compelling mobile applications.

Due to the broad availability of partner-developed mobile solutions built on these or similar technologies, we have made a strategic decision to discontinue the current development of Microsoft Dynamics Mobile. No future updates to the solution will be provided and consequently, from 31 August 2010 onwards, it will no longer be possible to purchase Microsoft Dynamics Mobile.

We believe that the most effective mobile solutions will be those that meet specific business and industry needs and can be constantly developed to keep up with changing market conditions.

Your close contact to the market and unique area of expertise allows you to tailor mobile solutions to the specific needs of your customers. With partner-built mobile solutions, businesses can benefit from the core functionality in Microsoft Dynamics, enhanced by the mobile expertise of local partners.

I know, it's actually old news, because this has been known for months. But as of today … it's official - there is no way back. Dynamics Mobile is dead … and will only exists in its current form.

For us personally, we were not using any of this, because we have our own Integration product, but I can imagine that some of you did … and spent a great deal of money in learning about the mobile framework.

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  • Well, it does exist, but our website is recently renewed.  Please visit:

    If you want further information, I suggest you just contact me by email.

  • Hello waldo,

    you said that you have your own "Integration Framework", but the link you provided is already dead. I browsed the website of ifacto, but I didn't find it. What technology is it based on?

    I don't have a clue about mobile integration and we are not very skilled in Visual Studio development, webservices and this stuff. Dymanics Mobile was very easy to handle. Now we have a requirement that will need a mobility solution and we don't know where to start and what to do. I mean what will be the official Microsoft suggestion for a future-proof technology? You will agree that for a company it sounds very strange when Microsoft says: Our own solution doesn't exist anymore, but there are several local partners that have their own solution. Based on another technology, with no update services and created by companies you don't know if they will remain after the next financial market crisis, but there are solutions.

    Have a nice rest of your holiday,


  • We have a ready product called Mobile SalesPerson integrated with Microsoft Navision. ANybody interested, feel free to email at with your name, company name, email id, contact numbers and website...

    we will be happy to show you the demo of the product.

  • As someone who develops an integration framework and mobile solutions for Dynamics I have to say this is not at all disappointing news.

    Obviously, sad for those who invested in it but hey, not to worry, we are out there to help if needed.


  • Sorry, don't understand: Are you asking me?  I never used the framework.  We use our own framework .. and still do :-)

  • Sorry that I'm double-posting, but: What do you do now if you implemented Dynamics Mobile before? On what architecture would you build a new solution?



  • Because in our community it has been known for a few months already.  It's actually old news.  Only difference is: now it's official.

  • Oh, I see, thanks. I'm curious though, why is there not more information available about this issue - the discontinuation of Dynamics Mobile? Why no formal release? Why no other forum threads or blogs covering this?

    Many thanks,


  • Well, entrepreneur was also an exciting microsoft initiative that was cancelled before it was fully released ... .

  • Hi there: Excuse my ignorance (I'm new to Microsoft adn Dynamics), but what was/is the issue with Entreprenuer? How is it similar to what's going on with Mobile? Also, has there been an officail announcement from Microsoft yet? Thanks so much.

  • Its sad news, but as most of us know, we knew the news was coming.

    I worked with the Dynamics Mobile team at Microsoft (although in a recruitment capacity), and witnessed the exciting times of growth and a new venture that had great potential. Then in February 2009 the whole Dynamics mobile team were released, and that was the clear sign of the future for Dynamics mobile.


  • Hello,

    I also got this  letter 3 days ago. I think it's a bit sad. In the last weeks I tried to work myself a bit into it when I received the message that it will be discontinued. I liked the idea that Microsoft takes take of the "plumbing" and the partner can focus on creating the actual applications build upon this framework.

    I don't really understand why so many people are talking about webservices in this context, as it's (at least for my understanding) is like comparing apples and oranges.

    Microsoft Dynamics offers the capability of running offline, which is not possible with webservices.

    I'll take a look at the integration framework, and if anybody knows other good frameworks for this task I'd appreciate every link in that direction :-)

    Best regards,


  • Smile

    I'm glad for that ..

  • Thank you Eric!

    Just today morning I investigated opportunities of Dynamics Mobile and tryed to understand the future of this product (because of competency with WebServices).

    Your post is very-very timely  :)

  • Bjorn,

    You're absolutely right.  And I do remember entrepreneur ... we lost some valuable time on that as well ... but on the other hand gained some good ideas which we still use today ...