Microsoft® SQL Server™ Reporting Services and Style Sheets (Belgian MSDN Evening)

The first edition of the Belgian MSDN/Technet Evenings was a success.  Many people and an interesting topic.


First I thought it was going to be about Reporting Services and Style Sheets in that product.  But that was not the case.  Reporting Services was one topic, Style Sheets was the other.


It is quite hard to explain what has been said, because they covered quite many topics. You can download the ppt from here. (I hope this link works for all of you...Indifferent)


Anyway, there were a couple of things that were important in my opinion:

Viewing Reports:

  • On Demand Access
  • Subscription Based Access
  • Sharepoint Access

Now, If you want to map this to Dynamics NAV: How can I call a report from NAV:

  • Create links to intranet/sharepoint/...
  • Create links to rendered reports
  • Possibility for subscriptions & shedules by user
  • Via OCX
  • Via Reporting Services Webservice

Not so easy if you ask me.  If you want to print a delivery note directly from NAV, it will involve quite some development... .


Component overview:

There are quite many components in the SSRS you can use.  Here is an overview:

Report Server

Provides data and report processing, and report delivery.

It includes several subcomponents that perform specific functions.

Report Manager

Web application tool used to access and manage the contents of a report server database

Report Builder

report authoring tool used to create ad hoc reports

Report Designer

report creation tool included with Reporting Services

Model Designer

report model creation tool used to build models for ad hoc reporting

Configuration Tool

configuration tool used to deploy and maintain a report server

Command prompt utilities

command line utilities that you can use to administer a report server

Browser support

Web browsers that you can use to view reports and run Web-based tools


Prepare for upcoming version:

Also a very important chapter was how to prepare for the upcoming version 6.0 .

  • A developer will define the data of the report using the Report Designer and then use the transformation tool and visual studio to define the layout
  • Reports that use a request form must transform the request form to a request Page
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV will ignore all code related to layout, specifically on section triggers ex. CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT(False)
  • Consider moving special code you have written for a report from section triggers to another trigger in the report or to a codeunit
  • Non-editable Matrix forms can be transformed to a MS SQL Server Reporting Services Report


The Pro's and Con's from SSRS:

  • Pro’s:
    • Easy access to reports: Subscriptions, Intranet, Sharepoint,...
    • Users can create reports with Report Builder
    • More graphical possibilities: drill down, parameters, links, subreport,...
    • Export report as: html, pdf, tiff, xls,...
  • Con’s:
    • More technical knowledge required to create reports:
    • Sql queries / stored procs, BI-Visual Studio


Some important resources for SQL Server Reporting Services:


I think you all know the Stylesheet tool already (NAV 5.0), so no need to elaborate more.  If not agreed, you can find all info here:


Thank you Plataan and Microsoft for this information.


Overall evaluation

I think everyone agreed with the fact that the accomodation was a bit disappointing.  It was in one of the eating aereas of the Microsoft Building, about 10 rows of 5 seats (I was in the back, and it was very hard to hear the speaker).  I was confirmed that the next meeting (On 29th of November) will be much better accomodated Smile.  I will definitally attend again, hope you too.


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