Merry (White) Christmas .. and happy 2011!!

Only a few hours .. and we'll start celebrating Christmas with the family :-). And I guess we're going to have a White Christmas .. finally. Since I saw "White Christmas", what became my most favorite Xmas movie, I have been willing to experience it myself. And I had to wait a long time, but today, at Chistmas Eve .. Finally. This is the picture I took this morning:

Loads of snow . Traffic in a mess .. but beautiful as hell .. . Makes me think of my time in Kokkola (Finland) 11 years ago :-). Let's grab a sixpack and do sauna! :-)


2010 has been a good year for me. The company came through the crisis without scars .. we had the opportunity to implement quite a number of RTC's .. and shortly, we'll release even a cooler product on the market .. (which you might have read in my previous blogs (oh yes, we haven't forgot .. we are still working on it :-) )). Furthermore we have some contacts to export one of our verticals to the States .. so 2011 is going to be exciting :-).

Also the community in Belgium is still very active .. as I experienced the latest "Connection Days" we organised. Almost 90 people came through bad traffic, bad weather, ... to spend an evening listening to Dynamics Enthusiasts. About 40 of them listened to me.. (can you imagine ;°) ) and my session about "Webservices for implementors". It's great to see that enthusiasm .. it keeps us motivated and doing wat we're doing :-).

To all people .. A merry Christmas! And a happy New Year!!

I would like to conclude with a picture that my good friend Kurt Juvyns made for me ...

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