Marketing Beta for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 is available

This is an historical day for some people. Other people don't really look at it like this, but then again ... some of us are Wink.

There have been quite some discussions on NAV 2009 and the NDA issue. Not being able to talk about it. Only being able to mention the stuff that was (at least) once published or mentioned by Microsoft. For cummunity-beasts as myself this was not an easy thing. I was asked to write a peace on NAV 2009 a while ago, but being under NDA ... this was a hard thing to do. No screenshots, no deep information, just stuff that was once mentioned or published ... .

Anyway ... It's over, the marketing beta is released, a big part of the NDA disappears, now everyone is able to post and talk about (almost) anything we want. I can post screenshots like this:

Or this (one of my favourites Smile):

... without breaking any rules. At least I hope so Tongue Tied.


I think a big question mark today is "readiness". How do I make myself confident with NAV 2009? How to be ready for NAV 2009 when it's released? Well, ISV's and learning centers have been prepared for months now, so there's the official way to get ready. But also, I think you can expect many online postings, articles, tips, tricks, ... About NAV 2009 in the near future. And I can only recommend you to search for it, read it, ... and let it be part of your "readiness"-plan.

What can you expect from me? Well, waldo wouldn't be waldo if he didn't write a blog every once in a while. I've been told quite many times lately that I'm a geek (thanks, picasso) ... so let's use that for your benefit Wink.

I have been upgrading our internal database to NAV 2009. This was a great experience for me, since I got to play with the product, developing new stuff, converting old stuff, dealing with matrices, reports, ... . It almost cost me my marriage ... but it was worth it Wink. Anyway, I got stuff to tell ... so I guess waldo will be publishing stuff about NAV 2009 in the near future as well. Smile.

What can you expect from others? A lot more! I have been in close contact with some MVP's and really, people have been busy: writing books, writing manuals, upgrading, educating, ... and are very willing to share, believe me.

Before I forget, let's say something about that Marketing beta. It's a new VPC that partners can download. Everything about NAV 2009 CTP4 is installed (a "Feature Complete pre-release version") on the VPC and can be used for marketing purposes ... . Here is the link. Check it out!

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