Is this the end of waldo's blog?

A few days ago, I got an anonymous mail from a certain "kine" with a somewhat disturbing attachment. Namely this:

So really .. I have to be careful. If that dude catches me .. I'm done! :-/ .

Luckily, I'm quite used to hide myself, isn't it? In fact, it seems like it's all I'm doing lately - hiding in my hotelroom in Orlando .. hiding behind a conventional Microsoft term called "NDA", ... .

It would be ashamed though .. after the recent travels I did, I noticed that I begin to really find my way in those countries. Not only do I find my way in very authentic typical local restaurants, like this one in the US (you see my friend was very proud to have found such a unique place..) (and yes, we bought the t-shirt!)

I'm learning even the "slang" of the local languages as well. Like in Denmark, they have a totally other meaning of the word "iPad" .. mostly used in plural:"padde". But let's not go into that too deeply .. just ask the reporting guy when you're visiting the country.. .

Right now, I'm just flying back in a shaky plane (not sure it's the plane though) from the KT3 event - aka the knowledge transfer of NAV7. And yet again, I must hide myself behind that bloody NDA and tell you that I can't say much about it. All I can say is that it was a very clarifying event. I finally know (let's say understand) what to expect from the NAV-in-Azure-announcement that Paul White did a few weeks ago. This new business opporunity is going to be great .. and you should look forward to the official statements which I can't share.. :(. We are going to be able to do so much more than we're already doing.. :-).

I'm also proud to say that yet again, I made some new fiends - and it really amazes me that everyone treats each other with the greatest respect. Like here is the stratus-guy who did one of the web clients that are available out there:

If you can do that without having hard feelings - you can say you respect each other! And I clearly have the greatest respect for Vjeko! ;-)

Ok ok, i'm just joking around. I was just trying to find a way to share this information. Not only about the Azure stuff .. but also about the "padde", the pictures, .. ;°). I'm so sorry to have wasted your time .. . more useful stuff is coming up soon. I promised someone to write a blog about one of the topics of the webservice-presentation I did - and so I will ;-).

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