Intervat 8.0: A new update for Belgium (3 - re-release) - What now?

The new update of the Intervat 8.0 is available (already from last Friday evening). And at a first glance all looks pretty good. May be not all like I would have done it .. but let's not turn this into a PRS-thing .. "how should we (or I) structure the code".

Except for one thing: How do you explain a primary key of type "Text 20" in the Representative table?

Anyway .. :-/

After implementing this in our base product .. I actually wonder .. What now? Is there a way of testing this? Not that I knew what I had to expect .. or know what I was doing .. all I could think of, was contacting the Intervat-guys myself. I mean .. they do provide their contact details on their site, so what the heck.

The outcome was embarrassing (why again am I blogging this?) .. as they pointed me to the intervat home page, where there was a clear indicated link to the test environment:

Not my most intelligent question ever I must admit. But anyway .. if you plan to do this, be sure you have an Isabel6 account, or an eID reader to do so .. .

Anyway, we're in that testing stage just now .. but I don't expect any problems. If so .. expect an "update 4" of this blog ;°).

Merge and Test, my friends! :-)

(and than merge some more...)

I realised that I never shared the Intervat links. Here they are!

NAV 2009 SP1

 NAV 5.0SP1

Comment List
  • Have anybody else have issues when using a respresentative with VAT export?

    When I include one I got an error "VAT number is incorrect" on the testsite of Intervat 8.

    If I exclude the respresentative it works fine.

    Any know issues or fixed out there?

  • Don't forget to refresh your customers license at VOICE. Otherwise you can't use the new codeunit 11308 INTERVAT Helper.