Intervat 8.0: A new update for Belgium (2)

No, this is not a double post .. this is yet another "heads up" of the fact that a new update is coming .. which means that the previous one (I wrote about here) is in fact already outdated. So the message is: stop whatever you're doing about that .. don't implement further .. because in a few days (hopefully) there will be a new version of the Intervat 8 objects and you'll have to start over. While typing the above, I recieved the email with the communication that something is indeed going to change ... a few days prior to the release :-). I'm sure this means that many days in total are won, just because many people will stop with what they're doing right now .. and only continue with the final objects in a few days .. . Early communication .. thanks! Smile

Is this because of your previous blog?

Not at all .. because also other (probably more important) issues needed to be resolved. I was actually very positively surprised of the fact that Microsoft really took my comments seriously .. so it did have some consequences, didn't it :-). I noticed that about all of the issues I had .. will be solved! :-).

What issues are going to be solved?

  • First of all the zero amounts: when a customer has the same positive and negative amount in a reporting period that it won't be reported ...
  • for all reports
    • all amount fields will have 2 decimals
    • A testfield on when no representative is used
  • Extra fields for representatives, which became mandatory
  • The hard coded country code is gone! (woohoo!) The report will look at the Country/Region Code in the Company Information Table. This makes sense (at least for the 5 minutes I had to think about it .. Smile). As the report is only needed in Belgian companies .. so the company information will most probably be the right code for Belgium, right?
  • And (as I would expect) the representatives get an own page (and form). Now, this data can be managed like people are used to.
  • The company variable was changed into CompanyInformation. Not really to most important issue .. but we're all into consistency, right? Smile

I'm very positive (admitted .. I haven't seen the update yet, but still..). Except from the naming-issue ("Representative" being too general - "VAT Representative" being more descriptive..), all other issues I mentioned before have been built into this update. I couldn't have dreamed for this!

So I can only say: thank you, Microsoft, for the early communication, and thank you for the changes!

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