I moved

A small post about myself - just as an explanation why posting is somewhat slow lately ;-).

The last 7 months I have been working like crazy. Not on NAV, not at work .. but at home. I bought a 40-year-old house for quite a decent price (at least, I'd like to believe I did..). And I decided to renovate it as much as I could. At first .. the plans were quite humble: here and there a new floor, new paint .. . But we ended up in getting rid of about everything inside the house .. And rebuilding it again. To name a few:

  • +250 m² new floor
  • All new (and a lot extra) electricity
  • All new plumbing
  • New toilets
  • An extra bathroom
  • 2 extra rooms in the attic
  • Isolate the roof
  • ...


But definitely the cherry on the cake: my new kitchen :-), which I built - together with my father - completely from scratch, without any help from Ikea or other packets.. . Just wooden plates, some (expensive) machines .. and a lot of patience. This project with my father was fun, to say the least!

People have been able to follow the construction on facebook. I'm so proud of it, that I'm going to share it on this blog as well :-):

This was the very first packet of wood which was dropped at my doorstep. Getting everything inside was a 3-hour heavy job..

Me making holes for the shelves. One-by-one.. . I made about 3000 holes for the kitchen.

Putting together all the peaces when all was finnished..

Moving all the closets to the new house

Time for the big puzzle.. .

It's starting to look as a kitchen

More progress

The end-result as it is today.

So now you know what I've been up to the last few months ... . Not all is finished, but we have moved to the new house now, which means I should have more time again to spend on the product. And it's necessary, because there is a lot to look out for, as you know.. . In the meantime, lots of people have been blogging about NAV 2013 .. so it's time for me to catch up!

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